So , am I in trouble now for posting this? :wink: Yes , I know it is only pre season.

But good for OTTAWA, any way........ :smiley:

I agree hellothere. Way to go Ottawa, even if it is only pre-season. Anything positive is just what the Rens need.

All the fans in OTTAWA need is some hope and even it is pre season , your main Q.B. did great. This will sell tickets.21 points in the 2nd half.

Beating MONTREAL in Montreal is no small feat.........and some in the OTTAWA press, will have some EGG on their faces , at least for now!

WELL DONE ........again!

Did Calvillo play in this game?


Does that matter? OTTAWA'S # 1 Q.B. helped his team score 21 points in the second half. But who cares about defence. :wink:

He only played once on their first possession.

JOSEPH , [#1 Q.B.] and R.B. star RANEK sat out the first half of the game for OTTAWA.


I hope Ottawa has a good year this year.

They need a little CFL inspiration in that city. Look what last year did for Hamilton!

like i said.. they are gonna start fast, 2-0 to start... that is what i think.. and it would be really nice to have Ottawa make the playoffs... or at least have a strong season


They started 3-0 last year, and look how that turned out...

Guys, time for some perspective. Ottawa beat a Montreal club without its franchise player (Calvillo) or feature backs (Jenkins and Lapointe), a club that was running vanilla defenses all night. And Ottawa had to put its starting QB and starting running back into the game for a whole half to get it done. No disrespect to Joseph but these will not be the defensive schemes he sees when the season starts. And Ted White is not and will never be Anthony Calvillo.

I wish the Gades the best in 2005, but it's going to be a tough ride for them, and one preseason victory isn't going to change that.

i know they went 3-0 last year... thats what im betting on in the winners pool thing... gonna get a quick lead cause no one else is gonna pick Ottawa

I did for their first regular season game vs. EDMONTON. :wink:

EDMONTON… needs more than just a… RUSTY RAY.

You never know about these is much more than just a Q.B. need a defence , special teams and a good back up Q.B.

A healthy JOSEPH.......and RENIK........and an improved defence , anything can happen. :wink:

What ever happens , lets hope more fans show up in OTTAWA, for the next game in OTTAWA..... :smiley: Beating MONTREAL at home , what ever the time of the season it was , should help with that. :smiley:

GO GADES GO! Pre-season or not: In your face, Montreal!

As a Rengades fan I just have to say that was nice, however, don't get too excited. Next meeting with Montreal will be different. Just a repeat of last year. Next week, Calvillo will play the whole game and Montreal will blitz all night as if it's the Grey Cup game. Calvillo hardly played. But I have to say one thing, just like last year when Calvillo got injured, Montreal will be in serious trouble if they don't find a decent back-up QB.
And, oh yeah, as I said in another post, 'don't forget what happened in 1981.
Now, if only we can obtain a field goal kicker who doesn't have triple vision. Nice trade there.

Anyone know where I can find player stats for last night's game?

Cagey, go the Monteal team website, they have individual stats for both teams listed there.

YOu guys are kidding right.. LOL!
I guess none of you were at the game.
Calvillo played the first drive only and Jenkins and Lapointe didn't even dress.
We didn't even pay attention tot he score cause it was all about seeing the rookies play. I'll tell ya this... 3rdand10 and me actually think LEWIS should be a starter! I remeber lovin this guy last year during pre-season and during the east final too. They should cut Lapointe cause he's always injured.. but that would cause wildfires in the Mtl press! Gauthier was also unbelievable! He was everywhere.. 1 sack, a couple of tackles and I think a fumble recovery too! Proulx didn't get a chance, too bad.

As for Ottawa, it was nice to see Ranek the beast back! What power this guy has! I hope Ottawa does good this year, it would help the fanbase.

As for our kicking game... we're back to the same ol like 5 years ago.