Ottawa back in it appears (merged)

Excellent and with Jeff Hunt on board, nice! This time I’m sure it will work, Jeff Hunt wouldn’t be on board otherwise.

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Terrific news for the CFL and Ottawa football fans!

Looks like it's almost a done deal. A team in Ottawa by 2010.

I wonder if they'll also let them host the Grey Cup that year as well.


"Hunt's group may or may not submit a design proposal in that process, but the deal with the CFL is not contingent on the group's winning the right to redevelop the park."

Is friggin' HUGE.

I probably won't dance my jig until the word "conditional" is removed, because I've heard this kind of thing before to no results, but it's good to see things moving along.

And if I can make one request, PLEASE let's have one thread without comments about Ottawa not being deserving. Let us have a day or two of optimism for a change.

Yes, let's keep our fingers crossed, as we know in any deal, it ain't a deal until it's a deal.

I'll second that CRF about keeping the thread positive. Yes, I know it's peoples right to comment as they wish but why not just try and create a positive vibe with this for the sake of those that see that this really could be a great thing for the league.

People are always saying that we need more teams in the league so I believe a return to Ottawa is great. It's only natural that most of us are going to be a little pessimistic until it is done. Winnipeg moves back to the west and hopefully one day we'll have a tenth franchise in the league!!

Let's hope that this time, the Renegades will be able to acquire better talent, from the other teams than they did last time. Last time, the conditions for re-entry did not allow the Renegades to "draft" many (especially Canadians) quality players from the other teams. If that is worked out, the Renegades will be competitive right from the beginning.

This is especially good news for Canadian players, with 20+ new jobs.

Sorry but after two tries, I don't believe that CFL will survive in Ottawa. The fans are going to be impatient for a winner, and ANY misstep by Hunt or the ownership group will result in poor attendance.

I do wish Ottawa and the fans good luck with keeping the franchise for a long time, but I have serious doubts..

....[duct tape on mouth] damn, this is tough to comply with, but I guess so [duct tape on mouth]....

This is FANTASTIC news!

See you in the South Side stands in 2010!

In my opinion if anybody anywhere in this country had built a decent sized stadium they would have automatically been placed ahead of Ottawa for an expansion team.

i still think they should look other places then ottawa. I apologize to any ottawa fans here. but i am hard nosed when it comes to a team folding or going bankrupt. but if the team fails once another city should get a chance before they go back to them.

But more or less the league feels they owe the fans of ottawa something.It was not the fans fault the rens folded.

It not worth the risk going back to Ottawa.
A City that has Fickle Fans.
People who can't Balance a Check Book Running a Team
This Just a Bad Area For Football
Ottawa is a Hockey City Now.

Quebec City is a Better Choice.
Let's Upgrade Laval for the CFL
Why go Back to Ottawa
Fool Me Once Shame on You .
Fool Me Twice Shame on Me .
Fool Me Three Times Call the Men in White coats.

Ottawa is Too Big Risk Forget them

1)Ottawa does not have fickle fans in any way.

2)2 Out of the 3 latest teams were poorly run.The worse was the rens.People tried to buy tickets but there was no one to answer calls reply to emails etc.The list goes on and on.

3)Many think the ottawa fans have been given the shaft because of bad ownership groups.

So much for that, eh? :roll:

Fickle Fans where part of the Problem.
Yes Bad Management was also at Fault.

I am sorry I Rather us Try Else where 1st.
May go back to Ottawa 2015 or 2020.
Quebec City Should have been the CFL Top Place to Expand. Not Ottawa they Had there Chance.
They Blew it.

Then by your approach, Montreal would never have returned.

To play where?

Owned by whom?

.....IF ...this comes to pass...(my gawd, that sounds a bit biblical)...and the team is resurrected....i only hope they get it right....the league can't stand 'another' failure in the east.....go CFL.... :thup: