Ottawa Back For 2010

I think this is great news for all involved in the CFL. I also like the idea of announcing 2 teams (or more) and that can be done. I have actually done the research on this and called companies involved to do the tasks. You can put a a temporary football configuration of 30,000 seats anywhere in the country for a cost of $4,000,000.00. The rental of this is almost the same cost to purchase and it is guaranteed to last 10 years minimum. You can actually roof the seating area with a fabric roof as well for less than another $4,000,000.00. So for arguments sake the stadium with roof will cost $10,000,000.00 which is affordable for any city in this country. Now of course you need the land and parking etc. but this is doable in Victoria, Kelowna, Saskatoon, Quebec City, Halifax, Moncton, London you name it. All you need is owners to arrive and municipal & provincial governments to come to the table. This is not pie in the sky, it is legit. Using this plan could nurture those cities at minimal cost for 10 years minimum. Then it's either build a real stadium or just purchase another temp.

...please provide the names of the two companies you have contacted that can provide this amenity for 10 mil....

How is Winnipeg's new stadium coming along? Is it in downtown Winnipeg?

The seating company is

They are from Ontario, the fabric roof company I'll have to dig up.

Victoria and Kelowna.......Sure, and Im the next Pope.

Pope Sportsmen.

I've already performed my one miricle by Blessing the Saskatchewan Roughriders and LETTING them win the Grey Cup in 2007. I'm all out of Miricles for Victoria and Kelowna! :lol: :lol:

The was talk of working around the clock, 24 hours a day. Sam Sullivan was seen crying his eyes out as he was the same Mayor that didn't want Emergency Vehicles to use their sirens after Sammy went to bed!

Are you their salesman?

The biggest thing is that you need the poulation of a city large enough to support the team.