OTTAWA @ B.C.................

A win is a win. Gades showed heart. Thinking teams will not take them lightly anymore. Lions were lucky tonight but the Gades helped with some mistakes on their end too.

Myers made a rookie mistake on the missed field goal and the Lions offence didn't look like they were on the same page. Lockett looked good on kick and punt returns. Defence looked alot better than they did against the Argos but the Lions had better get their sh** together.

Ottawa is starting to be a contentder in this league, I'm betting that they will beat my team (Winnipeg) hands down, then Daley and co. will be on the frieing list!

Gotta agree, Ottawa is playing good football and that is good news for that organization, god knows they deserve it. But dont write off the Bombers just yet, if they get the passing game going they will be heard from yet this season, our defence is coming along nicely.

you said it somewhere before pigseye.....there has got to be a little more immagination in the BOMBER offense.....too predictable.......also there has to be better protection set-up for Ryan....after all he is our biggest offensive threat ...protect are expressing interest in Jon already.....Taman better get a contract cranked- out for him quick....keepers for sure MICHNA and RYAN there's your future. :arrow:

Was nice of Ottawa to take a run at Dickenson while he was taking a knee.

Was great for sportmanship in the CFL

I was impressed by Ottawa, plus I gotta beleive BC had some rust. Nevertheless, the Rens are going to surprise some teams this year. Didn't catch it on TV, but this morning paper had the attendance at 25500, is that correct? What happened to the 30 plus possibility?


And right before the game you could not buy 2 seats together, only singles. Hell one guy asked if he could get 2 seats in the same section, and the girl said no.

Joseph is a tough guy boy can he take a hit

I like the way the Renegades are coming together as a team. They will get better each game out and challenge for a playoff spot in the East. Don't be surprised to see them in 2nd place in November. :wink:

he's an ex-safety, of course he can take a hit, thats ne thing i like about him, and he's not afriad to put a shoulder down

He is like a mini Mick Vick!!! :wink:

excapt Vick is faster, and Joseph is stronger


Are You Kidding me??
The replay clearly showed that he was not down. That was a stupid play by the O-Lineman to let Cromartie through. You play until the whistle is blown.
Now the shot on Kerry Joseph earlier in the game was a cheap shot. And it set Ottawa up for a score. So let's see, that's three stupid plays by BC (remember Myers fumble in the end zone?) Not too bright out there.

Go Capital Punishment Go!!

..........I disagree supersmith, but just a little......DD was down, but only a fraction of a second before Cromartie hit him, so fractionally in fact that Cromartie was already in a hitting motion when DD's knee hit the turf so there was no way for Cr to pull up..........and personally if a QB is going to be playing around like that he deserved to get nailed........

I'll second that. You can't backpeddle for 7 yards and fake that you "might" take the knee and not expect the D to come at you. Cromartie played it right, going hard until the whistle went. He hit Dickenson as he was going down.


Thanks for covering my back R&R and supertoe.
I personally like Dickenson. Was worried he was hurt. But that was very stupid, and he was fair game.

Go Rens Go!!!

what have you never seen? :lol:

see , you have seen me do this.

i dont think i read the play-by-play though...just posted my comment and left