Ottawa at Winnipeg GT, Sat. Oct. 24, 3:30 pm et, TSN

Ottawa Redblacks vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Sat 3:30PM ET / 12:30PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

Both clubs are in playoff mode to fight for position in their respective dvisions. Ottawa eyes Hamilton for the fight for first while trying to pass Evil for second. As for the Bombers, they have to win to keep in contention for the final West playoff spot. Feels like Ottawa's game to lose, so this is a barometer of the RedBlacks' maturation into a contender in the East. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


Was hoping to see some Bad Hank and good Nicholls today and so far Hank has tossed a pick :thup: and Nicholls has completed a few nice passes :thup: but unfortunately the drive stalled :thdn: and Castillo missed the FG. :thdn:
What is it with Winnipeg’s kickers? :oops:

Poor turnout in WPG for a big game for them!
33K seat Stadium looks empty with 20K fans

Scott Billeck ?@ScottBilleck 6m6 minutes ago
The lack of attendance at IGF today bodes well for those vying for the $215,000-plus 50/50 draw. #Bombers #CFL

I was thinking the same thing. One side looks almost empty. Still sounds pretty loud but not as loud as it could be.

So far no one seems to want to hang on to the ball either! I've lost count of how many times they've turned the ball over! :oops: However it looks like the OTTRBs are poised to score their fist major of the game - yup TD Powell. Milo misses the convert so it is 10-0 Ottawa.

Hallelujah - Nicholls just tossed a TD pass to Adams! But Castillo too misses the convert! :oops: What is it with Winnipeg's kickers??? If you can't score the convert then boot the crap out of the kick off and get the single that way - they just did! :smiley:

Bombers manage to tie it up with under a minute to go but Hank spoils the comeback with a TD bomb to CW and stays down after the play but does get up and walk off looking OK. Meanwhile Maas goes ballistic on the sideline? There was a RTP flag.

Convert attempt from DeMarco unsuccessful - 16-10 at the half.

that hit by westerman on burris was a bad cheap low hit period.

Hard hit on Nichols with the sack early in the quarter put him out of the game. Looks like they could be doing concussion protocol on the sideline? Payback?

Nichols appears to be fine - throwing on the sideline again.

So, now we have what could be a two game total point series with Ottawa for 1st place.

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 11m11 minutes ago
Last time #CFL used a two-game, total point series: 1972 East Final when #Ticats beat - wait for it - the Ottawa Rough Riders. #Redblacks

and that was the best Hamilton team ever :cowboy:

And I remember the headline in the Spec the next day. SWEET 16

1986 vs argos??

Well it all starts next Sunday November 1st at 1:00pm in Hamilton at Tim Horton’s field for the first of the back to back total points series between the Ti-Cats and Redblacks.

Hopefully we can score some good points at home and lay the Hammer down on Burris!


[quote="BIGCAT"]lay the Hammer down on Burris!

what do you mean by that...exactly???

Like emms said, the 1986 Cats played a 2 gamer with TO.
The most epic comeback of all time.

yeah don't know how drew missed that one,,,greatest comeback ever in gm2 at Toronto down 27 points,,,my fav game as a cat fan.

He likely missed it because written history would say the 2-game total point final format, in the East, ended with 1972 season.

After that it became, what it is today, single games for both the semi and final. In 1974, '75, '78, '80, '81, '82, and '83 the 4th place team in the West had a better record than the 3rd place Eastern team and yet did not get into the playoffs. Sometime, between 1984 and 1986 the league adopted a format that would correct that "injustice" and later lead to the crossover format, first used in 1997, and still being used today. In 1986, with 4 Western teams in the playoffs and only 2 Eastern teams, for the first time, they decided to bring back the 2-game total point format for the East playoffs, while the West had 2 single game semi-finals (#4 @ #1 and #3 @ #2) followed by the single game final. Everybody wasn't happy with that as the West first place team didn't get a bye to the final and that led to the adoption of the crossover format.

It's not surprising that anyone who wasn't at, or didn't watch, the second game of that '86 series would be aware of it. Anyone who was there, or watched it, though, would likely also consider it their all-time favourite Tiger-Cat game. I really enjoyed the several total points series the Cats played in and the different coaching strategies that they presented.,d.dmo

and that was the best Hamilton team ever :cowboy:

8) Nope, 1967 TiCat team was the best team in TiCat history !! :D
  Arguably the best team in  CFL history !!