Ottawa at Toronto Game Thread- Saturday October 14, 2023

May as well have a thread for the second unofficial pre season game of the day for the sake of continuity despite what I anticipate will be a lack of forum interest in this likely stinker. I put the over/under at 25 posts. ‘Nuff said.


Hopefully we see lots of Special Teams :sweat_smile:

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First play is a HUGE completion for OTT.

That’s how they need to play all game if they want to win. We’ll see if they can do it for 60 minutes

God I hate Acklin so much. One of my least favourite players. Such a tool

I hope that you took the over on that with the score currently tied at 14 apiece!
OTTRBs are going to toe - to - toe with the boatmen so far! A bit surprising given how disinterested they’ve looked the last couple of weeks. Even games that have no bearing on the standings, can be fun to watch - as the the OTTRBs score a punt return TD and retake the lead! :astonished:

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Some Hamilton fans will whine that the team let him walk when they should have kept him, but seeing the kind of attitude that he’s displayed the last couple of seasons, I can see why they didn’t keep him around even though he can be a good player.

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Boris Bede is the best overall kicker in the league and I don’t think anyone can change my mind at this point.

Rather surprising to see the OTTRBs still with the lead at the half. Even with Kelly still playing. I don’t know how many other starters on Toronto are “having a rest” aside from Oullette.

Did the Argo linemen just do the “suck it” to Ottawa?

My two cents:

Late in the game Filet Pigrome got in behind center but was ruthlessly eaten by hungry Argo linemen wearing lots of napkins.

Someone needs to tell Pigrome that no one is falling for that “squat” move he does.

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You called it, well under.


I actually was referring to the number of posts in this thread, not the game score. It looks like the under wins going away.

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Speaking of calling it…

TSN’s Tessa Bonhomme and Nikki Reyes squeezed out these two high fiber factoids:

The ARRRGO’s got to 14 wins today for the first time since 1997. Meanwhile the Red Blacks have a total of 14 wins over THE LAST FOUR SEASONS COMBINED.



It could be a record low.

Not even close I think. There are many threads with no posts other than the OP and many with fewer than this one. The more we talk about it the more the over/under is in jeopardy. :grin:

But how about for a game thread?
Wouldn’t it be funny if we bantered on this thread until it made a record for most replies? :laughing:

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