Ottawa at Montreal GT, Thu Jun 30, 7 PM et, TSN1,3,4,5

Thursday Night Football
Ottawa Redblacks vs. Montreal Alouettes
Tonight at 7PM ET / 4PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

Please note that the time listed is when TSN coverage of the game starts. Kickoff will be a later point.

The Redblacks will be out for blood tonight after losing last week's opening OT thriller to Edmonton. Montreal will hope to win at home to take the fans' proeoccupations away from yesterday's PK-pocalypse...

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P.S. Ottawa actually won. Thanks to HfxTC for reminding me to wake up. LMAO!

Ottawa won last week. You been in Bungle or Area51's stash ? :lol:


Nah, that was a good old-fashioned Brain Fart with all necessary capitals. Ugh!

That. Is. On. Me.


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This game should be a slaughter. Feathers everywhere and a beat up bird team limping home.

Not so sure about that, MTL's defence will be a lot better than EDM's

I'm just hoping they beat the bejeebers out of each other, because that will make them a bit softer when we need to play against them.

These are two teams that are stronger than we give them credit for...I think the Argo's are the Twinkies of the East, this year.

Of note was this week's announcement that Henry Burris has been placed on the six-game injured list. Ottawa is Trevor Harris's operation right now.

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Hi folks! The TSN coverage for the CFL doubleheader begins shortly.

It's early in the first quarter, no score.

Defensive battle to start as Harris goes 2 and out and Glenn doesn't fare much better. An almost fumbled punt by Bede though and penalties against the birds give the OTTRBs great FP. At worst they should manage a FG.

Edit - Make that a missed FG and here he hit it from 55 last week in Edmonton. :oops:
Birdies down 1-0 - and that's not the Jays!!

Milo misses a FG for a single -- 1-0 Ottawa.

This Van guy at running back for the RedBlacks has been super unimpressive so far, including last week. Would not be surprised to see former Mossis Madu suit up for them if he continues like this.

Jim Popp is basking (?) in the sun as the most popular GM of a Montreal sports team. LOL

:thup: To RedBlacks with black helmets on the road, it looks sharp. :thdn: To Als for replacing silver with white in their set, the silver meshed really nicely with the maroon and blue. Always reminded me of the Colorado Avalanche, now they just look, I don't know really, not terrible just weird. They already had an odd uniform set and now it just looks even stranger.

Big strip by Chip Cox on Sinopoli to nullify the big pass play from Harris!

What a play by Cox, guy shows no sign of age.

And another ageless wonder Nik Lewis with a tough snag over the middle. Als are old but still very good.

Don't mind the white lids on the larks as they have also gone with white pants too by the looks of things. However they did "drop the ball" by not making ANY changes to the unis. Couldn't tell that they made any last time either.

It's strange because it makes perfect sense to go with white lids and pants since they have always have white on the uniforms if I am not mistaken (this uniform set obviously from 2000s), but for some reason I really am not a fan. It'll grow on me, I do like when they go with the white helmets on the road always have.

In other news here comes Cato should be interesting.

Good player but on the "dirty" side IMO and often gets away with it!

Bede punts into the end zone and the game is tied at 1-1. It IS football I'm watching now isn't it :? - the Jays game is on the other laptop!

1-1 after the Als' Bede gets a punt single.

First Duron-Carter-is-the-son-of-Cris-Carter reference by Rod Black. Drink two. :wink: