Ottawa at Montreal Game Thread, Thurs. June 25, 7 pm et

wow.. does Crompton even make it through this game, he looks awful... but then again so does Hank

Nobody calls their own plays anymore. The last person to do that was Calvillo in 2006 under Don Matthews.

Bad Hank makes his 2015 CFL debut in Game 1....

Picked again

Would you like Mr MAAS calling the ticats plays?????????? end of point!

I wish they would change the UR rule to state that hitting a player while he's still on the white stripe at the sideline is allowed. The ball carrier that time had taken one step out of bounds when he was hit - hadn't even put his second foot down yet. How is the defender supposed to stop that quickly?

Bad Hank is in the house.

If Burris hadn't underthrown Williams, he would have had a TD. (Never seen a 45 yard buttonhook before.) And then Burris thrown yet another pick.

DeMarco coming out in the second half?

I was thinking the same thing. Hank's been under and over throwing his recievers so far. He should know better but seems to be past his BBD. Have been half watching while get some email out of the way ahead of our departure for Calgary tomorrow but the game is pretty much what I expected :roll: - no barn burner and to think it is on ESPN! :oops:

Well well he finally made a nice completion to CW but follows it up with pick #2 of the night! :roll: All that money spent on beefing up the receiving corps will go no naught if Hank and his buddies don't soon get on the same page!

No more good Hank and Bad Hank. It's all bad. Burris is brutal.

And perhaps LeFevour too?

If Burris isn't making his own calls, they should fire MAAS.

Good God !!! I have never seen a game with two worse starting QB’s then this one…They both are friggin’ AWFUL :oops: The smartest move Austin has ever made is get rid of “Stanky” Hanky…leave it to Desjardumb to pick him up :roll: …Good Grief stick a fork in him…he’s well past DONE !!! YAWN !!! Wake me when it’s over and the real season begins tomorrow night.

LeFevour is in..

Crompton is out for "precautionary" reasons

Well one thing that has improved for the Larks is their punt coverage now that they have a STC in Reed. They' were just all over CW like a wet blanket!

:thup: :thup: :thup: Couldn't agree more - at least until Danny-boy takes over! :)

Now if AC WASN'T the receivers' coach would we be seeing a shot of him in the booth??? Not likely. :roll:

Nicely executed fake FG.

Is that Burris's first pass for a TD as a RedBlack? Really. I don't know.

And here comes the first 2 pt conversion attempt of the season - obviously Campbell doesn't trust his kicker! Now did Hank get the ball over the line or not??

Hey now. It wasn't so long ago that the rest of us were treated to Hamilton QB luminaries such as Timmy Chang, Casey Printers v2.0, and Jason Maas. :twisted: