Ottawa at Montreal Game Thread, Thurs. June 25, 7 pm et

Ottawa at Montreal
Thurs. June 25
7 pm et / 4 pm pt
TSN 1/3/4/5

The 2015 seasson kicks off in Montreal tonight as the RedBlacks unveil their new pricey receiving corps against the Als. Montreal didn't look too great in preseason, so it will be a test for them to establish some chemistry early and assert their home field advantage.

I plan to be at the game tonight, so if you hear from me during it, it will be because of the wonders of wifi and having enough time to contribute here. Hope you all enjoy the game!

Oski Wee Wee,


Great to see the game day threads back Russ, have a great time tonight.

CW he takes it to the house!!!!

Chris Schultz mentioned that season ticket sales are down in Ottawa.

Honeymoon over?

Let the pressure begin.

More anthem complaints!

Couldn't the event staff have stopped that idiot from honking the horn throughout the national anthem?

Green! Will Crompton spread it around?

First missed convert of the regular season with the new rule. First of many?

I was thinking the same thing! mid-season almost all attempts will be for 2 points, methinks.

When are the defences going to take the field?

Except by the Ticats possibly?

Nah... we can pass for them. :wink:

If anyone had thought about it there could have been a drinking game on how many times they mention Crompton's hair. :lol:

More than 50% of the time? Because Medlock is going to be close to 100% on his attempts.

CW is short, but not that short.

Please note winking emoticon. :wink:

Welcome to the 2015 CFL season folks!!

Yeah, I saw that but chose to ignore it. Because that is what it comes down to, percentages. The two-point percentage has to be at least half of the one-point to make sense. Many teams will be going for the two points because their kicking percentage won't be that high. But with Medlock, our percentage will be much higher, so we'll go that way most of the time. The exceptions will be on unexpected TDs - kick returns, interception returns, long passes and runs - where Medlock wouldn't be ready. Kicking a 12 yarder in those situations, not too bad. But a 32 yarder? Better to go for two.

:thup: And - Hello to the Tiger Cat fans!

The trouble with the Redblacks is Burris. He's single dementioned . He only see's his primary read. and I think he
calls his own plays. That's because he has Maas as his OC.