Ottawa at Hamilton - Oct 27/18

It's going to be sloppy / rainy / cold 4 pm start for Ottawa vs Hamilton.

With that weather, any chance of the game being sold out, just went out the window - OR maybe it went out the window last Saturday when the Ticats the bed.

Anyway, if Hamilton wins and Toronto surprises on the last weekend of the season, we might have a chance for first in the East...

20k plus tickets are sold/accounted for. No idea how many will show up.

You going to the game Kev?

No. I was going to go but my plans fell thru.

What about you?

Lotsa negative talk about Banks not being there as well as other key players.

For my part, I am not at all convinced that the Redblacks have it in the bag. Not that I do not support my team but for most of this season, we Redblacks fans never know which team will show up on the field. Sometimes it is the Palookas and other times it is the Champs. Predicting which one shows up is like picking numbers for the lottery. I am still trying to determine if it is predicated on the phases of the moon, sunspots or some old crone in a dark forest stirring a pot of bat wings and eyes of newt.

In any case, I believe the Tabbys are not going to roll over on this one. Should be a good contest.

I believe the Ticats will win tomorrow.

The question is : If the Ticats win, will Ottawa win its last game to save the season?

Absolutely, I'll be there.

For someone with lots of concerns about attendance, it sure does take a lot to get you out to a game.

Kevy will only go if there is a discount coupon available . The thing with him is that he's so tight with a buck that the rumour on the street is that when he squeezes a nickel the beaver bites the Queen's ass.
I've also heard that with Christmas just around the corner that he is going to ask Santy Claus for a crowbar so he can pry all that loose change out of his pockets .

..........keep clipping those coupons Kevy :wink:

Man oh man. This is one time where I am happy to watch the game from home. Looks bloody miserable in Steeltown.

Guilty as charged. I should go more often.


We better not the bed, today. :frowning:

…whoa, that play call on third down had brass ones attached to it…

Ottawa has our number.

Perhaps we will see a comeback like last week - with Hamilton coming out on top.

Wow, Ottawa really sticking it to the TiCats in this one. This one could get ugly, starting that way now, with Harris and that o line on fire with his receivers like Ellingson, that’s a recipe for disaster for the TiCats plus too many penalties, bad coaching in that respect.

Diehard fans to be sitting out there in that weather.

This game is just not that interesting with Ottawa completing dominating the Cats. Ok, Cats got a fg, without that not good.

The comeback has begun!


Why can’t we stop these guys?

Burned Spencer style but game turning out to be more interesting I thought. Man that Spencer can just do it all. Again though , credit to Harris and that o-line.

No bugs, too f…n funny. :-*

My guess there will be less than 100 people in the stands come the end of this one. This weather here today is just plain bad. But game not over…

It’s ok to miss the game I guess, just make sure you buy your ticket. Even if you give it away.

Game over, time to eat, I was expecting the RBs to win this of course and the TiCats at least showed up with a depleted team.

Indoor stadiums, way to go in Canada.