Ottawa at Hamilton GT, Sun. Nov. 1, 1 pm et, TSN

Ottawa Redblacks vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Sun 1PM ET / 10AM PT on TSN1, TSN3 and TSN4

The East is up for grabs starting with this installment of the home-and-home series between these two clubs. If Burris cannot play in this game for Ottawa (knee), then it is incumbent on the Cats to try to make hay at home to not only win, but to also get up on the aggregate score of this series. We shall see how these two teams stack up against each other as the regular season comes to a close next week.

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Game one of a two-game total points match-up between these two. The team with the most points in the two games gets first place, with the tie going to the good guys. (Unless the Arghos win both theirs, in which case we get first even if we get fewer points on a split. Weird tie-breaking rules.)

So yes, it's time to go for the jugular. Especially if Burris isn't playing, because we don't want it to be close with Burris coming in at home with a week's rest.

Absolutely. Looking to get first place and the bye for our guys.

And with the Arghos losing to BC, we're now guaranteed first or second. And it's now in our own hands. Score at least as many points as the Redblacks in these two games, and we get first place.

If they split these two games both teams would be 11-7 but Ti=cats would hold a 2-1 head to head advantage. Why would the total points of these two games be the deciding factor for top spot.

Edit- nevermind, Ticats schedule doesn't list first meeting a a pointless preseason game.

Yea! Game Day Thread!

Call me superstitious, but the Cats are 2-0 post this in the game day thread before kick-off, 0-2 when I don’t…

It'll be interesting to see who sits out, from among the DBs with Cleshawn Page apparently going to play as the Cats' best bet to keep up with Chris Williams. Page ran a 4.2 forty at his pro day this spring. Williams was clocked @ 4.39 at the NFL combine in '09. Does this mean Page will be the boundary corner or play man-on-man with Williams all game? This move is certainly a surprise in that Page, who was at training camp early, then rejoined the team after the second regular season game, has only played in a couple of games, charted as a backup to Gainey, last month. I think everyone agrees that Rico Murray wasn't hitting on all cylinders in his return to action last week and I guess we'd have to expect he'll be back off the active roster or, if not, named a reserve on game day.

I am superstitous, Thank you for posting! :rockin:


[b]TSN play-by-play: Gord Miller and Matt Dunigan with Matt Scianitti.

Referee: Andre Proulx. :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

The weather forecast: Mostly sunny, 14 degrees with winds out of the west at 35 km/h.[/b]

I see now that the answers to the line-up questions, posted here earlier, are available on the 3DownNation site. These quotes from Drew Edwards:
"Key injuries: Hamilton lost two starting offensive linemen against the Lions as left tackle Cord Howard and guard Ryan Bomben both went down. Receiver Terrence Toliver will miss his fourth straight game.

Roster changes and what they mean: Cleshawn Page makes his first career start at the boundary corner, a speedster inserted into the line up to contend with the speed of Ottawa’s Chris Williams. He’s in for Rico Murray, who sits. Joel Figueroa takes over at left tackle for Howard with Tim O’Neill in at guard for Bomben. Landon Rice will be added as an extra offensive linemen. Jalil Carter will be the sixth defensive back in place of Ed Gainey."

Are you sure the game is at 1PM ?, the Spectator says 4 PM.

1PM start :thup:

That's a better time, so it's over before Halloween kids come out trick or treating.

Clocks go back one hour tonight (Saturday night/Sunday morning) at 2am.

8) Ahhh, do you even know what today is and what day the game is on ??? :oops:
  Today is Saturday, Oct.31....Halloween is tonight,  not Sunday night   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   The game is on Sunday Nov. 1  at 1pm !!!

Right, I did forget what day it was. :oops:

Ottawa not doing that 6 hour Via Rail trip - look like the owners treating them to a private charter and a short 40 minute flight

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Seems to me that the Ticats took a flight to Montreal for that last game a couple of weeks ago but did take the train back. Ottawa may do the same.

After we beat them, they should take the bus.

According to a tweet from TSN’s Matthew Scianitti Burris will be a game day decision after he tests his mobility and knee stability wearing a new knee brace he has been fitted for prior to tomorrow’s game.

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti Burris comfortable w fitted knee brace. Will test mobility&stability SUN morning around 1030am b4 Burris & #RedBlacks decide his status #CFL