Ottawa at Evil Incarnate GT, Sun. August 23, 3:30 pm et, TSN

Ottawa Redblacks vs. Toronto Argonauts
Sun 3:30PM ET / 12:30PM PT
TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

The Cats are setting a torrid pace in the CFL East at the moment, so both Ottawa and Evil need this one to remain tied atop the heap. Depending on whether Henry Burris is in good mode, we shall see if the RBs can pull off the upset.

Oski Wee Wee,


Go Red Blacks Go

I am hoping for a REDBLACK win in this one

Then the blue team can then hop on a jet to EDM on a short week and get destroyed by an angry ESK's team!
The ESK's will be in a foul mood after being put through some brutal practices by Head Coach Chris Jones after the thrashing they took at home from us. :wink:

Take Ottawa, and the 9 points this one is going to be close :thup:

I hope so and Ottawa hosts the Riders next weekend. If they could pull it off today they possibly have 6 wins with the season half over. With Als in a turmoil it would be tough for them to catch Ottawa and hopefully the Argos would have to go into Ottawa for the east semi. That's the best case scenario

It will be interesting to see to what extent TSN tries to avoid any crowd shots in this game - especially on the side behind the Ottawa bench. Here is what that side looks like right now - just 4 hours from kick-off on the Ticketmaster seat map.

Ouch!! too bad for Toronto, I think most fans are staying home to watch the Jays, their game is the same start time 3:30
TFC had 26k for their game at BMO yesterday!

Looks like they will be more at the skydump than there were at BMO Field yesterday!!!

Cheering for ether team is a sickening thought, I think I'll just watch. :cowboy:

Why exactly do we need to see (and have our browsers load) the same seat map 3 times on one page?

Not many people at the game. 5-2, Roofs open and a beautiful day. What possible excuse is there not to go.

Fold this franchise already!

LOL CDub got tackled by Patrick Swayze.

many are at the EX or watching the Blue Jays, folding the Argos isn't a solution, in the 70's exhibition stadium was sold out for most games, times do change, but football is still football.

As mentioned previously a Jays game on to watch at home plus it's one of the last summer weekends with great weather so there's lots to do in the city including the Ex.

Being realistic I picked Toronto to win because they always seem to pull it off, but won't be disappointed if the OTTRBs hand them a loss to leave us all alone in first place in the East :smiley: I think I can stand to go 2-2 this week if they do.

Seems like same tired old excuses to me Tiggerkats. Exhibition would sell out almost 50 years ago?

Well with Elliott's TD (see he is back in the line up this week) we have a tie game.

I don't know Tb, seems like we just enjoy making excuses for Torontonians.

Going to the Argos game should be one of those popular things to do on a summers afternoon though. Jays on weekend afternoons draw huge crowds (even before all the trades). Almost always 35,000+ on Saturdays and Sundays all through June and July. Now that is 45,000+ in August on weekend afternoons.

The Argos just don't have enough people wanting to buy tickets - at least not this season.

Got a text from my friend at the game and he guesstimates 8-9,000 actually there. Smallest crowd he has ever seen and he's been an Argos season ticket holder for close to 20 years.

They just called Trevor Harris the CFL's number one QB. The bias is unbelievable.

but statistically, are they wrong?