Ottawa at Edmonton GT, Thu July 9, 8:30 pm et, TSN

Thursday Night Football
Ottawa Redblacks vs Edmonton Eskimos
Tonight at 8:30PM ET / 5:30PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

Can the RBs make it three wins in a row? Will Matt Nichols have success as the emergency starter at QB for Edmonton? We shall see how this one shapes up!

Oski Wee Wee,


Bad Hank. Pick-6 for EDM. 7-0 1st Q.

VERY Bad Hank. lol

I think after tonight Ottawa will be back to reality :cowboy:

Nichols to Bowman for TD. 14-0 EDM.

Maybe not so bad. Want the Schmoes to win.

Crap. Wojt down. Doesn't look good, he hasn't moved after an ACCIDENTAL helmet-to-helmet collision (he went one way as the other guy was going thatta-way).

EDIT: He's walking off the field under his own power.

I think I agree with that! :smiley: Seems "Bad Hank" went west. Tossing the ball off as he was being sacked was definitely a BAD decision. EE defense seems to have found themselves too - although I didn't see the game vs the Blew team due to travel.

Right now the EE are running away with it with a 2nd TD! - although Shaw misses the PAT.

TD Lynch, 20-0 EDM after Shaw missed the PAT. He was close to missing the PAT prior, too. 14:38 left in the 2nd Q.

Yup I picked them as well! Couldn't see them coming out flat at home after an embarrassing loss in week 1.

Did any one notice half the Ottawa defensive line was offside on the last Edmonton TD and there were no flags thrown?

The line of scrimmage was the 1 yard line and 3 or 4 RedBlack down linemen were well into the green, much worse than the Plesius offside vs the Argos often mentioned.

There is no way the refs could have missed it or should not have called it even with the score.

Or... Did the Mo's lose enough yardage to be outside the 1 on the fumble???

RB's coming back down to earth? hmmmm....

TD - Nichols to Lawrence. 26-0 EDM. Grant Shaw missed the PAT again. If the game were closer, I could see EDM going for the 2-point rather than rely on that ridiculousness. Did Ottawa even show up tonight? 1:07 left in the half.

These refs dont have Barker standing behind them barking at them to throw the flag :wink:

Didn't notice but it didn't keep the EE from scoring so likely would have been declined anyway

Do believe that you're right there!

Just saw what looked like a block in the back by an EE player on an Ottawa player that wasn't called on that long EE return. :roll:

I had to leave the room before the end of the 1st, until the start of the 2nd but heard the Esk's QB had fumbled on their 1st down from the 1. They may have, must have, lost enough to be just outside the 1. So Ottawa would have been legit.

I just scrolled back on my PVR and the line of scrimmage was outside the 1 yard line by about 6" after the fumble play. So no offsides.

I had forgotten all about Good Hank/Band Hank. Really didn't miss that, much prefer Good Zach/Better Zach... :slight_smile: