Ottawa at Edmonton GT - Sat Jun 25, 7 pm et, TSN

Ottawa Redblacks vs. Edmonton Eskimos
Sat 7PM ET / 4PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

Please note the time listed is the start time of TSN coverage. The kickoff will be later.

The first instalment of the "No Maas" Bowl between two teams eager to fight after their Grey Cup of last year. Jason Maas inherits a Grey Cup champion club that is stacked. As for the TwoColours, we shall see how the East champs of a year ago adjust from Maas's departure. Ought to be intriguing.

Oski Wee Wee,


Having to watch this one streaming in the States. Let's go Eskimos!

Is anyone else watching the streaming on ESPN3? I'm wondering if it is choppy and terrible for everyone or just me.

Nope comfy on my couch at home. But I'm with you - would like to see Reilly and Co. wipe the smile off of Hankies' face. So far not happening. :frowning: The score is mounting like a baseball game!

I hope that your streaming problems clear up. Nothing worse than not having clear picture of the game - makes it hard to stay focused on the action.

The Edmonton D needs to get their rears in gear! :x Old Hankie and his buds just marched down the field for a TD without much opposition. Jackson who caught the 2 pt conversion, was WIDE open! LaFrance had no trouble running it in either.

White with the TD for EE and the score is tied with less than a minute until half time. Better drive for the EE - now to stop Hankie and Co.

Hi folks!

Howdy! Streaming has cleared up quite a bit. Both teams look pretty good to me. Especially for the opener. Nothing world beating but pretty solid on both sides so far.

Blocked punt and a TD for the Esks!!! YES!!

Frank recovers the punt block for an Esk TD -- 18-14 Edmonton after the convert.

Bad Hank arrives with a pick.

Better them than us. I never liked Hank. I mean as a person yes. As a QB no way.

Harris to Williams on a big bomb for a TD after Burris went down with a hand injury – 21-21 now.

Freaky injury to Hankie - no contact aside from with the ball. The healthy streak was going to end sometime. Harris still in. EE have been hurting themselves with too many penalties although they seem to have cleaned that up some in the second half but their DBs are getting burned.

Harris to Williams again -- 28-21 Ottawa, late third quarter.

Harris seems to have a good connection there. EE need to keep their drive going.

Not good that Sherritt has just had to leave the game. EE add the FG but still trail by 4.

Whyte gets a FG back for Edmonton, narrowing it to 28-24 for the Esks. End of the third quarter.

White runs it into and with the PAT it is tied again with about 4 minutes to go. EE D needs to step up, avoid penalties and get the 2-colours off the field again.

Looks like it's the OTTRBs who are now having "flag problems. :smiley: 3 minute warning.

Peters almost picks off Harris and the OTTRBs have to punt it away.

And the Esks had the game won but a penalty took back a huge gain.