Ottawa at Edmonton Game Thread- Sunday, August 27, 2023

Approximately one hour before kickoff of what is supposed to be the closest game of the week.

Will Edmonton finally snap their home losing streak?


I did pick the Elks to beat the OTTRBs so we’ll see who comes out on top. For the sake of the long suffering EE fans, I hope that they do win (aside from the fact that it keeps Ottawa firmly in the east basement!)


I have to say Ottawa win this.

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I picked them as well but this is the “hard to pick” game of the week. I hope it is as good as advertised.

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I’ll say the Elks will finally break the home losing streak. They broke goose egg last week and no pressure

Cornelius barley converts on the 3rd and short to move the chains

That was close. But a sack on first down leads to a punt and a spectacular special teams tackle sure to make the highlight reels tonight.

Brown is a brutal blocker.
For a guy that is built like a brickhouse he should be at least decent, but over the past few weeks I’ve seen him care little about this important aspect of the position.

Agree that it’s a hard one to pick - Ottawa has looked good and lost some close ones but I figured that the Elks have a bit of momentum after last week’s win and are no doubt highly motivated to put that home losing streak in the rear view mirror.

I picked all the home teams to win this week - not too upset though about being wrong last night! :smiley:


Two OB punts so far, one for each team in what is a puntfest to start.

Nice catch Dunbar

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Third time this year TSN has F#$#d me.

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Three second and longs converted by Edmonton on this drive. They will have another at the start of the second quarter.

Atta boy Ford

When all else fails he’ll just take off and run with it and he’s fast enough to escape most defenders!

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He’s looking alot better than Crum


Crum isn’t as fast and was taking a lot of hits in earlier games, so I wonder if he’s been told not to run so much with the ball so they can keep him healthy.

Brooks is a tough runner too and that can definitely wear down a defense.

Missed opportunity there but 3 points is better than 0

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Edmonton outplaying Ottawa but letting them hang around. Now a big play for Ottawa. It’s still anyone’s game with a long way to go. But gotta say it’s pretty boring so far.

And this was supposed to be the “game of the week” and the most exciting one to watch? :roll_eyes: :thinking:

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Finally some fireworks thanks to Eugene Lewis. Ottawa now in a hole 17-5 with 17 seconds left in the half.