Ottawa at Bombers

....Win this one....and if not, commence the clean-out...A record that is already bull$hit should be the final nail ,with a loss..For O'Sheas sake he better win. :wink:

...Well that's about it for the 2015 shite show....Let the firings commence. :thdn: :oops: :oops:

When you can't win the back end of a home and home, you gotta go.

Winnipeg needs to hire Benevedes before Saskatchewan does. Offer him the HC, GM, and team President positions, and hope that's enticing enough to land him.

The Bombers and Riders were after him this last offseason. I remember reading that he wasn't all that interested in the Riders because of something with one of his kids and preferred the Winnipeg job because of the children's hospital here. In the end he decided to spend this season at home with the family and we hired Richie Hall. Not sure how accurate that is, just my recollection from the last offseason. IF it's true, I'm not sure there's anything new to entice him to Regina unless they make some special provisions for non football related needs. I wouldn't throw out the Als in any process to hire Benevides either if any rumors about Rider interest in Jim Popp have any truth to them. He could be in the HC mix there along with Thorpe and Kavis Reed.

....Rumours floating around by Penton, that Wade Miller is 'talking' to prospective coaches for the club... :roll: I guess as long as you don't appear to be tampering orrrr meddling :wink: the hunt has officially started for a new oc and maybe another coach...Nice to get a quick start, as usually we are last out of the gate and take leftovers...Nothing confirmed yet but I guess that will be around the corner, I would say soon after the Cup. :thup: