Ottawa at BC GT, Sun. Sept. 13, 3:30 pm et, TSN

Redblacks vs. Lions
Sun 3:30PM ET / 12:30PM PT on TSN1, TSN3 and TSN5

Both teams need this win -- Ottawa wants to put the heat on Toronto re second place in the East, while BC wants to solidify its grip on third place in the West. John Beck will start at QB for the Lions as Travis Lulay has been placed on the six-game injured list with a knee issue.

More on the Lulay injury at ... t-1.358971 .

Oski Wee Wee,


"Friendly" bump to ensure it doesn't get lost amongst the various other threads - including the bumping thread itself.

(Besides, almost game time).

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Oh crap - Black and Forde with the P by P.

:oops: :oops: :oops:

I might be switching between this game and the Saints/Cardinals game to cheer on DB the DB. :thup:

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8 nothing RedBlacks at the end of the first quarter. :x

Half time:

18 - 14 BC. :slight_smile:

I wonder what the record is on this site for the fewest number of posts for a GDT? :roll: :lol:

(I better stop posting or the record might not be broken). :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey TSN, are you listening? No posts mean that a lot of the regular posters on this site probably don't get TSN 1, 3, or 5. You are doing Southern Ontario (who mostly only get TSN 4) and the league in general a HUGE disservice. Think about it will you?

Or they're watching Delvin Breaux and the No Fun League

I simply cannot believe how bad the BC defense is right now.....I Wish we were playing them next week :lol: we would have a 600 yard 60 pt game on O with this league last trailing defense......They're also dead last in Total O, doesn't help now that Lulay is out :expressionless:

31-18 Blacks with 6 mins left in the 4th

TSN Radio Vancouver ?@TSN1040 2h2 hours ago
"@willesonsports: Andrew Harris bolted out after the game. No media. No shower. Just changed and left."

Time of possession tonight:
BCLions 18:15

The Lions need and should make a trade for Ricky Ray!

Sorry would have been here too but had to go to the airport (seriously) to pick up family returning from England. I enjoy interacting with fans on GDTs but often find that when the Ticats are not playing, there is very little posting aside from Russ on the threads. I've started heading over to the CFL Talk threads when that is the case.

Did keep an eye on the score. Nice to see Ottawas doing well - unless they beat the Ticats of course. Nah - not going to happen :cowboy: