Ottawa at BC Game Thread- Saturday September 16, 2023

Let’s get this one started before the game starts.

Just a little over an hour and a half and it is show time! Can’t wait.

Looking for the Lions to dominate tonight’s game. :grin:

Yeah I don’t expect it to be a close one, but I guess you never know. If it turns into a blowout I’ll beg off. Lots of football to watch this weekend

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Not giving Ottawa much of a chance in this game.
But then I also picked the Riders and the bombers. Who are currently getting bested by the Cats. Whom incedently are not pussy cats today


Only an hour to go. :+1:

Terrible start. Face Mask penalty.

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Farhan doing the pbp!

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Williams can do damage!

stupid penalty on that kickoff return hurt.

Lions paid the price for that 15 yard face mask penalty. :unamused:

Hatcher is my buddy. Another Bryan Burnham :+1:

I think this is the first game I’ve seen with this BC logo. I like it!

One of their better looks for sure.

There we go :grin: A timely tipped pick.

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That miss was just to add some drama to the game…

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They are kidding. White has the leg at that distance. And he falls short,??
Please don’t let this be one of THOSE games.
Welcome Squishy👍

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I like Farhan on PBP.

I like Claire as the sideline reporter.

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Good choices. Both of them. :+1:

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Lewis Ward is LETHAL tonight!!

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Ahhhhhhj… sweet success!