ottawa and expansion teams need stability!!

Ok does this feel like deja vu?? like seriously. We tried going the Ottawa Roughriders route before and it went down the tubes..we bring it back and once again it goes down the tubes again. And 2010 we are bringing them back.

My personal opinion is that I am glad to see them come back to the CFL. I still wouldnt mind seeing an additional team in Halifax.

But i mean, in return i think there has to be some stability with expanding the CFL. Like i mean, it must be frustrating for ottawa fans to cheer on a team only to find a year or two later that team is gone. After so many times doing that, there will come a time when the team will be playing and people wont even care becuase they will think they will just lose there team again. Its crazy.

Not only that but when a team gets added to the CFL you end up losing some of your own players through an expansion draft. I dont mind that but if that team is only going to last a year or two, its a little frustrating.

Thats just my opinion.

What do others think??

Like who says they're only going to last, like, "a year or two"?

No one is saying a year or two but everyone thinks it. Why go back to a market that has failed not once but twice?

This makes no business sense. You can only beat a dead horse so many times.

They need to expand to Halifax and Quebec City. We need a game that is across the whole country which would truly make it Canadian.

In Ottawa, what ever the team name is, it won't be competitive for 5 years at the least. Are fans going to put up with a loser that long? The same question is being asked about Toronto FC right now? They are entering their second year, raising prices and still losing. They have fans but the paying public will only take so much losing which is why the Cats have gone through numerous flirtations with demise.

Hunt and his colleagues seem to think otherwise. They are pretty astute businesspeople, so I am inclined to give credence to their assessment.

Unfortunately, nobody appears to be willing to invest in doing that, probably due to inadequacy or lack of population, income, corporate support and stadium facilities.

I'd love to see a team in Quebec City or the Maritimes too, but the CFL, with its unique rules and century long tradition, is truly Canadian.

Hunt and his colleagues seem to think otherwise. They are pretty astute businesspeople, so I am inclined to give credence to their assessment.

Please remember when the Renegades came into the league, that too was supposed to be on solid ground. It's going to be tough to say the least. You can't jerk fans around like this. After a while they won't give you the benefit of the doubt.......again!

I hope that is works in Ottawa or Cohon's legacy will be that he couldn't find proper ownsership.

I hate going back to the same markets that have traditionally failed in the past. I would love to see the CFL expand but it has to be the proper business move.

Ottawa is like a car. Sometimes you get a lemon!

Okay Mr Negativity - I don't know how many times I have to keep raising this issue -

You said "Why go back to a Market that failed" the market didn't fail. It was out of town owners that wanted a quick buck and weren't willing to stay.
The Gades attendance was HIGHER than Hamilton's Toronto's and Montreal's, do you remember the 14,000 fans at Ivor Wynne not too long ago??
The Gades consistently attracted 20,000 plus except in their last year.
What would have happened to the Ticats if Bob Young hadn't stepped in.

How do you expand to Halifax and Quebec when they don't have the population base, no potential owners, no stadium, no proven support of CFL football. etc I could go on. I'm tired of hearing this Quebec/Halifax thing, people seem to have this idea that we just decide to put a team into these cities.

Ottawa has 1 million people, one of the highest income bases, a great stadium that will be modernized, a tradition for football and a season ticket base that will come back.

You say it makes no business sense? please get in touch with Mr Shenkman and the others in his group. If it makes no business sense, why are they doing it?? These guys are a goup of very rich Ottawa property developers who know what they are doing and will be prepared to stay for the long haul.

“Tiger-Dirt” :roll:

Ottawa is not a “failed” market. The previous collapses were the result of poor ownership and management.
“Fans” like you bent on searching for negatives said precisely the same thing about MTL in 1996. “Dont go back to a dead market etc. etc.”

Or maybe you dont actually care and you’re just trying to stir something up in here. Who knows

But if you want to blame the people of Ottawa and defend Horn Chen, Brad Watters and the Gliebermans go right ahead.

I never once said it failed because of the fans, point #1.

Ownership has always had problems in Ottawa, point #2. The league has done a terrible job in the past with finding owners.

I'm not trying to stir anything up.

Bob did save the Cats and if you read the Spec, you see that he has lost over 10 million dollars in 4 years of ownership. He's a billionaire though. How many owners are like that in the CFL? I think he might be the only one.

I thought the last time Ottawa came in they also found the right owner? They didn't. Who is to say that they have the right one again? Averaging 20-25M fans a game still doesn't guarantee you a break even point.

I hope that Ottawa succeeds. I hope it doesn't fail. But history has repeated itself.

The only reason why the Als are still in Montreal is because of U2. If they were still in the Big O, then they would have folded along time ago.

I don't know the markets of QC and Halifax. I do know that over 300,000 kids in Quebec play minor football. This is all due to the Als.

Your point is not even valid. Look at Regina, there is less than 300,000 people in the city and they pack the place every game. Do you honestly think it is only people from Regina that go? No! It's from all over the province.

With a team in QC, there will be an instant rivaly with Montreal. (Nordiques vs Canadiens, Little Brother vs Big Brother, = Hamilton vs Toronto)

Honestly, I'm not being a negative Nancy, but and I mean BUT, I hope that I am wrong and that Ottawa will flourish. The CFL was lucky to get Bob Young as an owner cuz we would have been gone a long time ago.

I want Ottawa in our league. It would be awesome for them to stay for a long time but I repeat myself, history had historically shown us otherwise. Don't beat a dead horse but I think Cohon is taking the right approach this time and giving them time to stabilize the franchise.

Okay, bring on the feedback again! I thought this was a forum to express feelings!

You said Ottawa was a "market" that "failed". If a market isnt fans or potential fans then what exactly were you referring to?

Fans are just 1 part of the market, there is also ownership, local government and coporate sponsorships

Even if they get 20M fans a game, they aren't going to make money. Bob Young has lost over 10 mil and he averages over 23M. The fans show up but that is not enough. I don't know how deep the pockets are. He only owns the 67s and he really has to work with them.

Like I said before. I hope Ottawa is successful but I don't know if I can honestly say that it will. I'm not being negative. I'm being a forward thinker. The only reason Montreal is successful is because of the stadium, supply and demand.

I wish Ottawa the best of luck and I hope that when they come back they are successful.

They won't have a winning team for 5 years at least and we'll take it from there.

Case closed. New topic please.

Chen, Watters and the Gliebermans weren't local owners, along with Hunt's established network of sponsors and contacts from the 67s the Ottawa tech. sector has a significant source of corporate sponsors and local gov't cooperation was never an issue until the recent stadium problem and the current mayor is a vocal supporter.
As I said earlier like every other team in the league Ott. needs $trong, competent ownership. What killed teams in the past was a complete lack thereof.

Ottawa is not a "failed" market. It was failed by bad ownership.
Unlike you and "oshawaguy" I prefer to be positive. I think it will succeed this time.