Ottawa 77.23% chance of...

According to the CFL Ottawa has a 78.99% chance of winning the East and a 77.23% chance of a Grey Cup appearance?

[url=] ... their-mark[/url]

I guess the Tiger-Cats should just stay at home and not even bother with odds like that stacked against them to win the East and pull out a victory on Saturday.

To win in Ottawa and overcome a 6 point spread to win the game and east seems like the ultimate test for the Cats according to the CFL, can it be done, will the Cats be up to the challenge and the great sense of urgency to win on Saturday?

Lots of questions remain, but the underdog Cats can answer them all with a solid victory on Saturday and take the east!


nahh. some ticat player will take out burris on purpose and some ticat fans will cheer and then Toronto will beat Ottawa and ham will beat Toronto and Edmonton will beat ham. you heard it here first

I like it.minus the EDM part

Stats are for morons anyway. If you looked up CFL stats about the historic percentage of a team winning 3 straight games against the same opponent. I think it is somewhere between 0 and 15 percent, you could even run that same stat using teams above .500 and it would be even lower. So if Ottawa wins this week, that should mean they have a 0 to 15 percent chance of getting to the GC if they face Hamilton in the EF.

So Stats can be "cooked" to say anything.

I agree with HfxTC, and Benjamin Disraeli, who said:

'There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.'

Read my lips, or rather script: DEFENSE WINS GAMES! If our D is up to their normal self, turnovers may be the difference.

The Whiny Ho's have 0% chance

What if the Ottawa "D" is up to their normal stuff? how do you think they are going to play with Mathews out?
They had 6 sacks against Mathews, how many sacks against Masoli?

Both "D" s were aided by terrible wind conditions, that really helped the DBs it will be interesting to see what happens this week if weather is not a factor.

I'll gladly take that. Their normal stuff = allowing 4.6 points per game more than the Ticats' defence, and more importantly, allowing more points per game than the Ottawa offence scores.

What are Ottawa’s numbers when facing a third (or fourth) string QB?

Gulp. I kinda' resent that. Maybe we can nuance it to say that morons use stats improperly. :slight_smile:

But don't forget that this is the same guy that predicted this on June 24th

[url=] ... y-cup-odds[/url]

Sask with higher odds to make it to the GC than the Esks
Ottawa last in the league with 20 - 1 odds....................... :oops: :oops:

I'm not a big believer in these kind of stats and they can go against a team if they start to believe them. On any given day any team can get beat, good teams step up and win big games. I don't think the east is close to being settled. You can give Ottawa the edge on paper, they are all healthy. Toronto is still in good shape, and although Hamilton is banged up, they still have a solid core defence. It's far from over.

I read these predictions and this guy should be calling the weather, they're never right. I agree in some ways, especially where Ottawa is concerned, it didn't look pretty or much improved in the pre-season, there were a lot of fans watching and saying "here we go again" The league lost a lot of starting QB's early, first week, that played a factor in their seasons. Hamilton losing Collaros was a huge blow, at the time I think Hamilton was the best team in the league.

I haven’t forgotten that they have a good defense as well, but, Matthews blew at least two td’s with bad passing and another bad pass in the red zone that could have led to another. This, in my opinion, mainly accounted for why we lost. Our o-line has been sub par lately which often makes the opponents defense look good. I still believe we can outplay them on d and if our qb, whoever it is, is reasonable good, we have better than a good chance of pulling this one out. I guess I choose to see the glass half-full.

Hey we've been the underdogs before - nothing new for THIS team! :thup: :rockin:

WHAT???? :o :o No Lions in that scenario? :smiley: Except for the EE beating us out (they wouldn't have won the last game in Hamilton had Zach not been injured), I can agree with that.

Sorry, I could have put that better. If someone picks the raw data points and apply their own weight and formulas, you can create anything.

KE: If I use 50 percent sugar and melt it in equal part honey. I have a 100 percent chance that it will be sweet...

Reality is beating the same opponent 3 times in one season in the CFL is very rare. Having said that Ottawa did it to Montreal this season.

And we did it to the blew team...

BC swept SSK
CGY swept WPG
HAM swept TOR
OTT swept MTL
TOR swept OTT

5 out of 9 or 10 out of 18 were sweeps or roughly 55.55%

Lmao.. Can I use that G? I Luv it but shouldn't it be in all caps?

Ottawa WHINY HO'S!!

I'm gonna be very disappointed if this is not used for the next game day thread.