Ottawa 67ERS

big Battle brewing over team name as they most likely won't be called rough riders:

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Did you notice the 35 pages on the Expansion thread ? This is where your post belongs ! But stick to Rough Riders ! League was built on tradition !

this is a team name thread. since ottawa has a team technically. expansion thread is for cities like Moncton or Quebec city.

Where comic book mascots aren't necessary over in Europe, many similar titles and nicknames for teams crop up in the same leagues...

History won't hurt. The Rough Riders were a tradition that spanned a century and if this team wants to at least attempt to make a foothold in the Ottawa sports scene for the century to come, they should tie into that history.

They should do this and then make sure everyone knows there's a VALID CULTURED reason for having a Roughriders and Rough Riders in the same 9 team competition.

Go for it! RR... North Side Sucks...

When they sell tickets to their 1st game and kick the ball off , that's when Ottawa has their team back ?

You're all in denial, Ottawa has had a team since 08

so I read in the local Sun today that the Ottawa Owners are going to be looking for a new name..

no Rough riders because the Saskatchewan Roughriders hold the veto on that name and apparently wont' let it fly.

and they wont' do Renegades either.

they are looking at a different name. something that is historical to Ottawa.

that's got me really curious as to what they'll come up with.

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Ottawa’s new CFL team is going to have a brand new nickname.

Jeff Hunt, who is part of the ownership group set to bring pro football back to the nation’s capital for the 2013 season, said Wednesday it’s “extremely unlikely? the familiar Rough Riders handle will be used, since the Saskatchewan Roughriders retained the right to veto the name as a condition to their approving the expansion franchise.

Hunt also stated it’s safe to assume the team won’t be called the Renegades, which the Ottawa team was known as in its rebirth, from 2002-2005.

The Ottawa Rough Riders, formed in 1876, were folded in 1996.

“The Saskatchewan Roughriders would only support (Ottawa’s return to the league) if they retained veto rights for use of the name, and it seems unlikely they’re going to relinquish their veto,? said Hunt. “They believe that, since they’ve had exclusive use of the name for some 15 years, they’ve earned the right to be the only team in the CFL to utilize the name.?

Hunt is not at all disappointed in Saskatchewan’s stance.

“We have results of some polling, which will be released shortly, that show while the Rough Riders name certainly has and will continue to have history and tradition, a fresh start is appropriate,? said Hunt. “I’ve always believed that the name was never a factor in the success or failure of the team, and although it makes for interesting debate, we would not succeed or fail because of the name we pick.

“I also know that any name we pick will not be met with universal approval, but I hope that in time people will give us their support regardless.

“In my opinion,? added Hunt, “the most important part of the name is Ottawa.?

Hunt is in favour of a retro game to be played every season, in which his team would be suited up as and be called the Rough Riders. He says that while the idea has not yet passed, Saskatchewan has initially responded positively.

As far as coming up with a full-time nickname is concerned, Hunt said that a definite process has not been formalized. Whatever is decided, Hunt said that fans will have “extensive? input.

“It will certainly be our goal to have a name that reflects Ottawa’s history,? said Hunt.

just don't name them "Capitals" or Cretiens" or Trudeaus ,

something that has historical value.

but what in Ottawa has that?

What was their record last year ?

they were undefeated and Winless!

come on people. Ottawa is coming back, they’re going to be strong and successful.

and us Riders are gonna lose one of our Premier Canadian receivers… to them. :frowning:

I want to see a 10th team get their butts in the league!

Ottawa Riflemen sounds good to me.
give them the old 70's rough riders look with the big white 'R' on the helmet.
this way, when u turn on the tv and see them playing, they dont look like some new team that doesnt belong. they will fit right in with the eskimos, stampeders, bombers and argos.

Ottawa has had a team before. They even won several Grey Cups. That means they aren't an expansion team. Either discuss the topic at hand, or hit the Back button.


what to call the Ottawa team.

with an R in the name. :cowboy:

Rascals ?
Right wingers?
Smooth Riders? haha
rototillers? haha


river rats?

How about...
The Ottawa Posse !!

Now THAT's tradition.



just happy they are smart enough not to call the team Rough Riders wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great idea ,Think of how much money they will save on Jerseys.

Ottawa FC.... :lol: :lol:

Ottawa Outlaws ...

Ottawa Rampage..

Ottawa Attack