At the 3 minutes warning of the 2nd half , OTTAWA, is blowing out HAMILTON..........35 TO 14. :shock:

I just thought that OTTAWA fans needed some good news! :smiley:


there goes my perfect week, at least Winnipeg didn't lose.

hahahaha...ottawa can still make the playoffs...just ONE win back of burris-less calgary

Thanks for proving me right, Renegades. Now don’t let me down Montreal. Confused about Hamilton…

43 Ottawa
21 Hamilton

that is allot of points in such bad weather.

Thats the CFL - great action. Good Job Ottawa.

Yes good job long shot on a four game bet, was the Tabbies.
Took a chance on a long shot, and lost 220 bones..
Hard to predict those Tabbies as of late.
The up side was hockey.. 3 for 3

19,000+ , in OTTAWA…and it rained allot.

i think the attendance was pretty good considering the weather. raning all game and it must have gotten down to at least 2 degrees last night, very cold and windy.

Finally, the gades have snapped the streak, good job, time to make a run at the playoffs now, good luck.

Congrats to the Gades for getting a much needed win which hopefully will result in a push for a playoff spot. With an off week coming and then playing the Tabbies again, it will be close. As for the attendance, strictly based on TV angles, it did not look like 19,000? I also heard how for the 5 of 6 home games this year it has rained. I have read there is talk even if the team wins 8 games or make it to the playoffs, Paopao will not be back next year despite the contract guarantee. The rumour is Eric Tillman will be back as GM and Dave Ritchie as coach.

Tillman and Ritchie…IMO that is what the Gades need to take the next step.

It was probably 19,000 + tickets sold to the game, but with the weather, most of them stayed away. and yes, it has rained for 5 of the 6 games.

the RENEGADES need to pick up Dave HACK.....if they get him in there now, thats 2 weeks for him to learn the Gades playbook and get familiar with thier system.

that'll give them a good shot at beating the Ti-cats in week 18( move to 7-9 ), aswell as winning one against toronto or montreal.

Way to go Renegades. I hope they can get at least 8 wins this season. They have had sucky seasons since they returned in 2002. 7-11 was their best record so far in the four seasons they have existed.

during the off-season they will get some free agents and market this team so good that ottawa will be the envy of the league!!!!