OTTAWA.......... 21 , SASK..........16

Congrats, OTTAWA are now ahead of Montreal in the EAST. :smiley:


Way to go Anthony Collier!!!
Go You Thieving Renegade Capital Punishment Bastards Go!!!

Way to go Ottawa. :smiley: Too bad you had to beat the 'Riders to do it! :frowning:

Hats off Ottawa well earned victory, Greene SIngle Handedly lost this game, things aint gonna get better in Montreal UNLESS they start Crandell and Barrett will never let that happen, RIders on there 3rd string snapper no backup centre.
well I wont bother Beating the Dead Injury horse anymore, Riders look lost.

OMFG - Next game the Gades are not the underdogs!!!

That Defence is getting it done! This is looks like a playoff team.

Thanks Ottawa!

Ottawa under the throwin samoan,have come to roost....they continue to get better with every passing week...all though the tank is not the Riders #1 fan, the Riders are in a world of hurt and my feelings go out to them from my arm pitts to the bottom of my ass...

Gee, thanks hank. I think....

Ottwas looks sharp this year and the Riders look like crap.

Joseph can get the job done.

Nealon gets close but can't seal the deal. Kevin Glenn is a better QB then Nealon.

Don’t be ignorant. I am not Nealon’s number 1 fan, but be realistic. It is a team sport and the team lost. No one player wins or loses a game. You could also blame Marcel Bellefuille??? for ditching the running game when Kenton was having a stellar night. You could blame the shmuck who, even after being specifically told by Corey Holmes to block ONE guy misses the block which would have otherwise sent Holmes to the endzone on the kick return. You could blame our long snapper for giving up 2 points and a shift in momentum on a snap that sailed over McCallum’s head. You could blame our defense for allowing them to get the 20 yards they needed on 2nd and 20 so that they could go on to eat up 6 minutes rather than giving us great field position. You could blame our defensive line for somehow not managing a single sack (only sack was by Hunt) against a team that has allowed an average of 8??? sacks per game. You could blame Elisia Thurmon for not running as fast as he could on the long ball which was finally thrown well and would have sat perfectly into his hands and to the endzone. Or you could be a moron and say that all by himself Nealon lost this game. He had a terrible night, no one can deny that, but Paul McCallum is pretty much the only player that wasn’t partially responsible for this loss. Get your head out of your ass.

Go Riders!!

P.S. Do you really think Crandell is our saviour???

I'm not sure Crandell is our saviour, but I'm also not sure that Greene is going to take us to the promised land. My only question about Greene from the beginning has been whether or not he can throw the long ball. All season I've been watching for long (or even medium range) pass completions, and I've yet to see them. That is a big concern for me! Yeah, there are lots of other issues (injuries, etc), but this is a big one.

Greene can move the ball with the 5-10 yard passes to the flats but you're right green'n'grey, and I 've said it before as well, he has yet to complete a pass other then the high completion percentage passes.

Maybe he's too timid to be picked off? Whatever the reason he has to start attacking downfield. Not only is it causing the Riders to loose games, it's also boring football to watch.

Way to go Gades, now only if they are able to show up for 4 quarters instead of 2.

I don't think Nealon throwing 5-10 yard passes has a damn thing to do with losing games, I think it's a lot more complicated than that. For starters our receivers need to pick it up, sure some passes are just plain off the mark there's nothing you can do about that but for the most part Nealon's passes are definatley in a catchable area but our receivers are opting not to go up for that jump ball, or not to lay out on the turf for a diving catch, I don't know what it is but I sure hope they pull up their socks against Montreal on Thursday.

Next off the bat is our poor coverage on the short pass. I realize we play a lot of zone coverage and the weakness in the zone coverage is to play underneath the zones or find the "hole" inbetween two zones and sit there but seriously, I saw WAY too many 5 yard passes from Joseph to either a Wideout or Ranek turn into a 10 or 15 yard gain simply because no one in the secondary was around to make the tackle at the point of the reception. I'm not claiming to be a defensive mastermind because I'm more of an offensively educated guy but this needs to be fixed.

We're putting the pressure on the QB for the most part but we're just not quite breaking through the line in time to sack the QB. We're closing in the pocket and forcing the opposing QB's to scramble or roll-out but we just can't wrap them up and sack them. In years past the Riders have been at the top of the league for sacks so maybe I'm just too used to stellar seasons when we get 2 or 3 sacks a game but 1 sack against a suspect Ottawa O-Line is piss poor. I saw Nate Davis miss an openfield tackle on Kerry Joseph Nate had him lined up and would've just smacked him but he missed, if he would've just done the safe play and wrapped him up and brought him down it would've been second and long.

Overall there is a lot of improvment needed before Thursday when we head into Montreal to play the "struggling" Allouettes. I would say that both teams are in very similar situations. We both have the talent and capability to win but we're just underachieving and not playing up to the full potential.

Don’t get down on the green just yet. Don’t blame Nealon for everything. Look back. He has always been hit or miss. Same with Crandell.

Look at the score. It was obviously a defensive game. Hats off to Greg Marshall with what he has done in Ottawa.

I am an Ottawa fan, but i beleive that any team at any time can beat another in the CFL. It is nice to see the Alouettes look normal for a change. Now if Hamilton could get the monkey off their back, the season and the Pro-line pool would be wide open!!!



YEAH....way to go Ottawa, I am in complete shock over this one. It just goes to show that the gap between the so called top teams and bottom teams is alot smaller then we think.

Funniest part… Riders 3-3 fighting for a playoff spot with the Stamps who should have been easily beatable (don’t get too upset Stamps fans, clearly, like the Gades, the Stamps were underestimated this year. It was nice to see that Burris can play well against other teams too. Happy you didn’t win though, that would suck for us). Gades 3-3 ties for first in the east with the defending grey cup champs. Same record, very different situations. Wierd.

Go Riders!!

If you are a Gades fan, you may want to wait until after next week to cheer for parity in the CFL cause the Gades play the Tcats next week.

And we need to beat Hamilton to assure we make the playoffs this year!

I am not in shock…I predicted this at the beginning of the season. :wink:

Dr. Rise- best post of the year- you are right on!!!!!!! Football is a TEAM GAME, win or lose! The old Riders beat us. But, guess what people- our record is 3 wins, 3 losses not 0-4. and Calgary is 2-3. We have to learn from mistakes and build on what worked. I still have faith- Rider Pride forever!!!!!

Riders will rule
congrats Ottawa on the win!