Ottawa 2014

Even with a better draft this time and some good players it will be hard for any new team to do well playing together for the first time. I think the exception to the rule was probably the Baltimore Stallions when they entered the league, they did well from the start.

As you likely know, mikem

the Stallions didn't have to have any Canadians on their roster.

Baltimore had an experienced CFL QB, too, Tracy Hamm I believe.

You are right, it will be hard for Ottawa to develop a chemistry

especially if they get a QB with limited CFL game experience.

For Ottawa to succeed quickly they need a strong CFL experienced QB

None were available last time but team's carry 2 experience QBs now.

Maybe Ottawa will get lucky and get a guy like Lulay just ready to break out.

By the time Ottawa drafts Calvillo, Glenn and possibly Burris will be done, this two year delay cost them a Tate, Mcpherson,Porter,Brinx Lulay. Still Ottawa should be off to a great start. The right to draft the underclassmen if they choose the right prospects will be very important.

Drafting players that aren't dead would be a good start.

It was never a two year delay, they originally said 2013.
I doubt they would try to draft Calvillo, by 2014 I think he will be retired. But maybe Glenn, but that depends on how he plays during the next two years and who knows what QB will come out of nowhere during the next two seasons.
I remember the Renegades taking Edmonton's backup QB who was supposed to be the player of the future for Edmonton, he was a disaster and they ended up starting a third string Kerry Joseph who was fun to watch.

I think HfxTC left out a comma. He wasn't saying they would draft Calvillo. He was saying this:

By the time Ottawa drafts, Calvillo, Glenn and possibly Burris will be done
meaning those players won't need to be protected, and some of the younger QBs who would have be exposed would be protected instead.

Thanks JFL... That's what I meant. Basically there won't be any "promising" QB's with 3 or 4 seasons that will be left unprotected. Teams likely won't focus on developing backup QB's till Ottawa comes in.