OTT vs HAM Predictions

Predict the Score!

Our D rebounds and holds Ottawa under 20

Our O continues to gel and puts up 3 TD drives

Ham 25

Ott 18

Although Ottawa may make this another nail biter, I think we may be in for a convincing road win.

If we play clean I think we win big.

I think Crockett, Sinopoli, and Rhymes will give our defence fits, and Ward (hometown boy who only two years ago was out of football as a security guard!!) will be his usual FG machine.

So, Cats will prevail in a dog-fight, IF they can get to, and pressure Davis. Cats by a TD, 34-27.

Cats win if they can stop the run ! If they can’t, they won’t . :frowning:

Cats 22 - Ottawas 13

Pat Lynch (the wrinkled Warrior)

Ticats win in a close one


Ryker Mathews hasn’t practiced all week, so expect an all Canadian Oline

Breaux is still a ??

Having Daly at safety and Adeleke at SAM

Bang on !

Cats are a -2.5 favourite.

I’ll take Ottawa at home to cover and win the game. We have a mental block about that place.

Ott 26 - Ham 20

Mathews won’t play this week so I’m expecting Kelvin Palmer to dress in his place. I doubt we’ll see an all Canadian Oline.

I still see Ottawa as a bad match up for us.

Facts be damned we win/cover/and their security guard kicker finally does not convert on a FG opportunity to break his regular season streak.

…then fall to 8th in power rankings.

drats! :frowning:

It’s a close game if the Cats don’t commit bone-headed penalties.

Gold Cats - 33

Checkerboards - 20

Dane Evans will throw for 319 yds.

(no egos were affected in the preparation of this report)

But how ?

OTT is at or near the bottom of virtually every important defensive category and offensively scarcely better.

A real stat lover could look at OTTs overall numbers and be understandably amazed theyve won 3 games at all and why HAM is only 2.5 favorites.

HAM is way overdue for a 3 phase type game. HAM wins in relative comfort.

We are 1-2 on the road, having only beaten the Argos on the road.

Ottawa has great ST, so our ST better be up to the task.

The QBs are inexperienced for both teams; Our recievers are better. Their running game is probably better.

Their D has given up fewer yards and points over last few weeks.

If Evans has a good game. We should win. I do wonder which quarter(s) our O will go to sleep.

Cats 30
Ottawa 28

So, the TiCats have not won a game, this year, on a day when they woke up in a hotel. ???

Assuming no players live in a Hotel while in Hamilton :slight_smile:

For the trip to Ottawa, both Ciraco and Palmer have been activated, from the Injured List. Golding has been de-activated to the PR, from where INT WR Justin Sumpter has been released. Mathews and Westerman go to the Injured Lists, on which Breaux, Langa and Crockett have been extended.


Question is is Breaux getting load management.

I was kind of wondering the same thing as we do not have a lot of details on his injury.

manage his practice time and roll him out for games if they are trying to balance DBs workload.

He is paid too much $$$ to be sat during games to keep him healthy if this is the case IMO.