So Ottawa is now 0-3-1. Puts things in perspective, eh?

If your point is that the Cats aren't far behind the RBs, while true, I think there is a considerable difference in the competitiveness of the two teams. OTT lost, on the road, to the two top performing teams in the league by 4 and 2 points, tied one of those teams at home, and their other loss, at home, was a last-play 1 pointer to TOR, a team that dumped us by 17, the same spread by which we lost in Regina. OTT's average game score is 29 for to 30.75 against. HAM's is 17.5 to 34.5. Based on play so far, I'd rank OTT 4th, or 5th, in the league right now. And, no question IMO, the TiCats are 9th.

I agree with you ottawacat. We rank last in the league right now, and deservedly. I hope that changes soon. Thing is, in the CFL since six teams make the playoffs, you don't have to be terrific to do that. It doesn't look like anyone will run away with things in the east, so even with a bad start we are not out of it by any means.

Seeing the very obvious, yet not flagged, push from behind by an Eskimo on their 2nd quarter defensive TD, I couldn't help but wonder is poor Karen in Winnipeg might, with a good lawyer comparing video of that push to the one that was flagged, the night before, denying her a million dollar prize, stand a chance in a legal challenge?

Ottawa fans should be calling for the coach's head. Obviously their scouting and recruiting is a mess. The play-calling is suspect. The draft classes recently have produced little.

The Ottawas haven't won a game yet . Blow it up and start all over because that always works out well. For proof, see the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Fish, ..... .

Pat Lynch ( :wink: :wink: )

Pat, I appreciate the wit in your sarcasm, however, I also have to agree with ottawacat’s assessment.

There is a huge difference in the quality of play between the Redblacks and our Cats. And I am not a Redblack or Rick Campbell fan in anyway, shape or form!

Tonight’s game will tell the tale. If Kent hasn’t righted tbis team, we are looking at 0-7 by Labour Day. As I have said elsewhere, we don’t necessarily have to win, but we absolutely have to at least try!

No chance. Sorry.

As for the game (particularly the ending) ... Good to see that Maher still can't execute a short kickoff to save his life. How hard can it be to kick it 10-12 yards so your guys have a chance to catch it, instead of almost 20 yards deep? Don't they let this guy practice?

For the record, here's the covering clause:
"The league official scorer is the final judge in determining whether two (2) kickoffs were returned for touchdowns in the same game.?