OTT to leave all starters at home for Fridays game at THF

AJ Jakubec
Rick Campbell expects to leave all the starters at home Friday for Hamilton. Tough to play everyone on three days rest. No Burris or Harris.

Tim Baines ?@TimCBaines 7m7 minutes ago
Henry Burris, Trevor Harris both won't play vs. #Ticats Friday. In fact, all #Redblacks starters - offence and defence - staying home. #CFL

I understand why, but it still sucks! :frowning:

The CFL pre-season schedule is an absolute fustercluck, could it actually be more ridiculous!.

Orridge and the league office are responsible for this... People pay real money for pre-season games and that should be respected. There are a number of anomalies in this year's schedule. Sending Montreal to Winnipeg for pre-season at a cost of 100k is stupid. Asking players to play on three days rest is unsafe. Montreal plays 3 games in 11 days this season... Where is Orridge anyway ? The website is still incomplete and in shambles...

Are you kidding me? I know it's preseason, but what about the fans paying to watch?

Hopefully this will backfire and prevent Ottawa from starting the season clicking.

im paying to watch the cats. dont quite care who the enemy is.. 60-0 would be pretty sweet lol

now the Hamilton coaches should be pissed. makes it tougher to evaluate talent

That's not good news for the Ticats who will want to play all of their starters for at least a half in their final home pre-season game. Ticat starters vs Ottawa backups???

Unless they scrap this whole pre-season game thing, the league can't really do anything about it. Ottawa decided that a game on Monday and a game on Friday is too much.
What about a 20 game season with NO pre-season games? ... n-hamilton

In a nine-team league, there are major challenges scheduling every team for two preseason games in two weeks. This is going to happen as long as there is an uneven number of teams. know what you are getting when you purchase exhibition game tix.
A chance to see real football again, follow some training camp battles live and in person and usually see the home team win as they feel somewhat responsible to put on a show.

Pre-season games are to a) evaluate talent that you've brought in, and b) to warm up you veterans, get them into the rhythm of what you're going to try and do, and get them used to working together.

The schedule gets decided by what kind of year you have, but you are chained to your Broadcaster (in this case TSN)(who have other fish to fry, as well)

I grant the point that the Cats won't be able to run against the front line of the Eastern Division champions of last year, but it makes the other guys a game short on "experience" and "rust shaking", which may be worse.

The Fans? Well, its pre-season, we know that; we don't count the points or change the standings, we get to see new guys, concepts and ideas.

Regular Season, Game One, that's where it matters.

I don't know what you mean. The regular season schedule is virtually the same for all teams -- play every team twice, play two teams one additional game. The pre-season schedule has nothing to with where you finished the previous year, and everything to do with available facilities, workable schedules and (to the extent it's possible) keeping travel costs down.

Your wrong. The CFL has for years matched up the stronger teams together while the teams with weaker records the year prior are matched up as much as possible during the first month of the season. This is done to keep the standings close as long as possible.

They are scared and rightly so our Cats are out to beat this teams butts this year, and by time we play them Zach will be back this will not favor the RedSlacks

It is strange this year, the Bombers played their two pre-season games before the cut down day and they are complaining that they didn't have enough time to practice in the pre-season. But Ottawa went through that last year.

Montreal plays 3 games in 11 days, the Ticats don't have a home game for 5 weeks while Ottawa plays FOUR home games in a row in August.

Evidence for this?

:thup: :thup:

the BUMCRACKS are the number one target this year for us!

TiCats will eat em raw

Ottawa's depth chart, for this game, and roster:

[url=] ... June17.pdf[/url]

ALL backups except the kicker?

That's not their depth chart , what it is, is their final cuts before they get down to their final 46 man roster. :wink:
It should be renamed the Ottawa "lack of depth" chart. Tonight's game should be like the Cats vs a high school team.

Well, maybe not "High School", but possibly "College".

In a reverse form, this could tell a lot about either team; one in backups.

Lets play well!