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#Alouettes have added WR Seydou Junior Haidara. Former 2nd round pick of #BCLions. Played at Laval

As Ive said before, if youre going to use an International (Louks, Stafford) at wide side receiver and only throw to them once or twice a game, might as well not throw to a National and use an International elsewhere such as o-line.

Agree. Graves is a legit option in there as well. He looked fine in game 2 after Carter went berserk.

And I don't think it's a matter of 'we might as well throw to a Canadian if its only 1-2 a game'

Lots of good Can receivers in cfl
Lots of terrible Can o-linemen.

Number one job of all Offenses is to protect the QB...give him time.

That should be the priority going forward.

That and discipline of course.

Agree 100% with you Sheldon. Last game, 5 Int. receivers were dressed; Louks was unheard of and Stafford caught a reception for 12 yards. Let's replace 1 of these 2 and add an Int. OL or Mr. 6.7 and 410 pounds.


Carter will serve his suspension against Ottawa, so someone will need to take his spot.

Ridiculous decision but I guess par for the course for the way our season is going.

Arbitrator took 10 days to deliberate and then probably flipped a coin.

With the addition of Haidara on the roster, there are presently 47 players on active roster; with the suspension of Carter, there are set at 46,meaning no other moves are needed; does not mean that there could not be more moves.They could dress Haidara as the 22nd Nat. or add Int. WR Cody Hoffman. We will know in 2 days.


As per today's CFL transactions:

Nat.WR Haidara added to active roster.
Nat. S Anthony Coady added to disabled from active roster.

Now 46 players on active roster; with the 1game suspension of Int. Deron Carter, 1 Int. player should be added.


I see a no touchdown game in the Als future.

Just looking at the standings in the East. The best teams are playing .500 ball, the very definition of mediocrity.

While the Als are having an atrocious season, the other Eastern teams are not faring a whole lot better. We’ve gone from the Beast tin the East, to a race for which team will be crowned Least in the East. BUT! and crazy as it may sound, the Als are not necessarily out of it yet!

Now, the elephant in the room - will fans in Montreal still want to shell out to go and watch them?

From Herb Zurkowsky:

“I told them the standard I’ve been giving them is not acceptable. I feel I’ve not lived up to the expectation of a true OC,? said (Anthony) Calvillo, in his first full season as the Alouettes’ offensive coordinator. “I told them we’re starting from scratch. We’re going to have a new standard. We’re going to have respect for each other. Those guys are going to take ownership of this. That’s how we’re going to move forward.?

He said he has been relying too heavily on the other offensive assistants, Calvillo stating he must learn to stand on his own.

“This is how it’s going to get done, period. The coaches can bring more information to me but, at the end of the day, it’s my voice that needs to be heard,? Calvillo said. “I don’t want to put this the wrong way but, at the end of the day, I have to make a decision on what plays we’re going to call and run, how we’re going to protect. That ends with me.

“It might not be the way they’re used to doing it, but we’re going to do things my way.?

“I have to set their standard. Whether they believe their standard is that high, it doesn’t matter,? Calvillo said. “If they’re not doing what I ask of them … they’re going to be standing right next to me. That’s how we’re going to move forward.?

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The decision can be argued both ways, but it is RIDICULOUS that an:

  1. appeal of an incident in Game 2 wasn't heard until week 9;
  2. arbitrator took THIS long to decide a simple case (examine precedent, make a decision);
  3. arbitrator's decision was held back to not "competitively disadvantage a team; and
  4. arbitrator's decision was fairly obviously held over until the Als once again played the Ottawa Football Club.


  1. do you really have to ask? A professional league can't have a list of mutually agreed (w/CFLPA) arbitrators and get better "service?
  2. must have been to make #3 and #4 work
  3. teams should plan for a possible suspension like they plan for a "game-time decision" injury
  4. fines/suspension are intended to be punitive and corrective, not to give vengeance or ensure the victim is advantaged by the suspension and not another team.

So, AC was not the one who decided on shotgun at 3rf &1?, not the one who decided on a 53 yard fg attempt?.. Hmmmm.

That whole story is ludicrous. What has been going on until now? Are the coaches voting on play calls? There were no standards until today? And whose job is it to set the tone, lay down the law? A.C. or Popp?

And standards, shmandards if Glenn keeps throwing untimely interceptions.

And why would A.C. go to Herb of all people and confess all this? :roll:

Man, the off-season can`t come soon enough to hopefully bring clarity to this whole mess.

What is the draft looking like this year?

Doesn’t matter, we don’t a first rounder do we? BC is going to really happy…

One thing that looks certain, is that there is a big mess internally. The guys on this coaching staff are not on the same page. That happens when the HC is not a leader and a true HC... :thdn:

Anthony Calvillo on November 8, 2015

It's about competition, not about being entitled," he said. "I'm sick and tired of guys coming in here believing they belong here. "It's a privilege to play here." He also had thoughts on what he learned as a coach. The main thing was "not to keep my mouth shut. "I failed Turk Schonert," he said. "As a new coach, you're trying to find your way, trying to figure out when to challenge him. I'd just say 'If he's not going to listen, I'm not going to give him any more information.' The only way to get better as a coach is to speak your mind. "That goes for the players as well. There will be a platform to speak up. [b]We're going to have a vision and if they're not on that vision, they're not going to play, period. [/b]And they're not going to be coming in here thinking they're entitled. That is over."
This is just more blah blah blah. Blame, blame, blame.

That`s true, so what was he doing since November? He keeps going to Herb with these "today is the first day of the rest of my life" declarations.

Youd like to think that theyre all not total idiots and theyre probably not, but its so hard to feel any confidence when this dysfunctional stuff keeps surfacing.

Bottom line - somethings gotta give in the off-season!

Anthony is in a no-win situation. Yes, he's making mistakes, but he has no competent supervision and there's absolutely nothing he can do when his supposed veteran QB loses us games by throwing horrendous interceptions at the worst possible times.

There is so much self serving nonsense in this statement to the press, it's impossible to know where to begin. Last year he said he "failed Schonert". This false humility makes me want to vomit.

If it wasn't Calvillo he'd be laughed off these pages and run out of town like so many others.

Take it one step further and go right to the top, the owner for allowing this mess to happen. And allowing the mess to continue.