OTT Jon Rose gets fine instead of suspension for contacting Ref in East Final

Redblacks DB Jonathan Rose won’t be suspended, instead receives max fine

Complete b.s.

A fine that the team will pay

Bush league.

It is now legal to knock over the officials in the CFL. (But only if you are really angry at the time.)

But don’t hit their finger. Thats a huge no no.

egregious decision from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, absolutely egregious.

So tempted here to find out whether any thread on any subject can be turned into a de facto Kent Austin thread.

But I do not really want that, so I will not mention Kent Austin.


It’s not like this situation didn’t set up perfectly for it.

Is it not right to ask why KA was suspended for touching an officials finger and a player in full pads isn’t suspended for purposely pushing one?

Fine. Can we discuss if Masoli were to hypothetically bump an official would it be seen as an elite bump?

Probably because coaches don’t enjoy the protection of a CBA.

Do the refs?


The CBA is far too slanted in the players favor when it comes to this particular issue and has been for years. Of course this example is against an official so it’s a bit different situation to most disciplinary cases (as opposed to player vs player), but remember Jimenez vs Gargiulo: Gargiulo lost his career, the league wasn’t even able to give Jimenez a game off )he deserved 9) and Jimenez went on to repeat offend more than once, in fact pulling the exact same disgusting stunt against Brent Johnson three years later.

What pisses me off the most about this is that the PA stands up for Jimenez and his paycheck but screws over their other member Gargiulo and any future victims.

Way to send a message Randy, CFLPA.

Randy , Randy , Randy…Every time I think of you as Commissioner…

They seem to be making these rules up on the fly.

Ti-Cat’s Will Hill was suspended and fined just for grabbing the refs jersey while discussing the previous play with him.

Different rules for each team maybe.

Bingo. Good point

Sets a VERY bad precedent to not suspend him, regardless of how much time has elapsed since the infraction occurred. Will Hill knew he was in the wrong and didn’t even appeal but took the suspension without argument. Of course he didn’t make contact with an official in a playoff game.
IMO contact with an official is one infraction that players should NOT be able to appeal. It should be a zero tolerance regardless of how innocuous the contact might be and that contact was certainly NOT innocuous!
KA was given a hefty fine and banned from the sidelines - although not the game - for inadvertently contacting on official (IMO it was never intentional contact although I know there are some who would argue that). He also didn’t argue that one.

Sure wish that the league (commissioner) would reverse that decision and make him serve that suspension!