OTT @ HAM - July 16, 2022

Key questions:

  1. Was a week of rest enough of a reset for our players?

  2. Have our coaches realized that they need to do something different to achieve a different result?

  3. Will the relatively minor personnel changes make an impact for HAM?

  4. Is Arbuckle ready to start for OTT, or even come into the game in relief?

  5. Will OTT rally around the loss of their starting QB and use it as motivation?

  6. Who is really the worst team in the CFL?

  1. hope so :crossed_fingers:
  2. hope so :crossed_fingers:
  3. hope so :crossed_fingers:
  4. no
  5. no
  6. We are in the running

I'll have a go at this...

2...What is that saying again ? oh ya something about doing something the same way over and over again and hoping for a different result .
3...Probably not
4...He might be ready to come in as relief . Honestly not sure if he starts the game though .
5...That is a very strong possibility . In fact after watching how we blew the last game as well as the Calgary game ? I honestly would not be at all surprised to see Ottawa come out on top in this one .
6...Finally the easiest question on the board . It's a no brainer really because everybody knows that the Riders are the worst followed closely by the Anchors :grinning:.

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  1. I hope the opportunity to reset helps at least somewhat

  2. I thought they tried something significantly different on offence last game. It was worse!

  3. I’m not convinced it will be all that minor… Colin Kelly will have had a couple weeks to reacquaint with playing the left side of the line. Woodmansey will have had a couple more weeks to get in game shape. Fontana should snap fewer balls off target than Gibbon. Gibbon should be a better 6th man than Okafor. I think Jackson is our best RB. I expect Ryan + Small is better than Laryea + Domagala. And I’m going on a limb and hoping we see Anthony Johnson replace Papi White. I don’t expect much change on D.

  4. We just might see Arbuckle. He had a full season in Ottawa learning the 2020 playbook. It should really accelerate the learning curve. It interests me, but doesn’t concern me.

  5. This always makes me chuckle. This assumes they weren’t motivated to play for a healthy Masoli, but they’re all fired up to defend the honour of a now fallen teammate. I’m not worried about their motivation, I’m worried about our play calling and on field execution.

  6. Despite our self inflicted losses, it’s Edmonton.

Yeah, it doesn't make a lot of sense. It's the kind of thing Glen Suitor would say when he is trying to avoid silence at all costs.

On the other hand, who really knows why teams sometimes come out flat, and other times look like they can take on the world? (See 2019 Grey Cup - both sides.) Is it the pre-game pep talk? Confidence in the game plan? Winning one for the Gipper? First few plays setting the tone for the game?

I have no idea. Except that whatever HAM does in the locker room at halftime, they need to do the exact opposite.

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This gives me some hope:

Tiger-Cats' quarterback Dane Evans believes him 'trying to do too much' one reason for Hamilton's winless start - 3DownNation

“The times we are really good I’m just doing my job, doing what I’m supposed to do. The times we aren’t, I’m trying to do too much,” Dane Evans said.

... “We just got to be us, get back to the basics of what we do and just play fast,” said Evans.

I've been thinking that his challenges this season have been in his head. Recognizing that and deciding to do something about it is essential to fixing it.


To get to the point: I want to see a new set of hands out there! Butler, Johnson, Durant
etc. I'm just tired of watching all the poor play by the current recievers.
We are going nowhere also with our running game until it is fixed.

Papi may be hurting: TIGER-CATS WEEK 6 INJURY REPORT – Hamilton Tiger-Cats (

Hopefully Addison is back at full strength - assuming he was actually <100% before the bye.

In my opinion, there is no doubt that the loser of this game on Saturday, will hold the title of "Worst Football Team in the CFL" . . . at this point in the 2022 season.

But I am equally confident, that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will easily win this game, forcing the RedBlacks to return to Ottawa wearing that crown.

But that will not prove anything in terms of the 'Cats turning their prospects around this year, because they are playing against a "wounded" opponent. As Zach Collaros & others have pointed out, that dirty hit by that despicable human being Martino, has robbed the CFL of one of its star players, and has also robbed the Hamilton Tiger-Cats' fans of a game that we have been anticipating since the CFL Free Agency frenzy in February, when many Tiger-Cat fans on this forum declared Shawn Burke & the Ottawa RedBlacks the undisputed winners of the FA period.

This was supposed to be the measuring stick . . . the barometer to determine if Shawn Burke had provided Paul LaPolice with the talent to vault them ahead of the Tiger-Cats in the Eastern Standings. And now this game represents none of that. In my opinion, that dirty hit has ruined the RedBlacks entire season . . . I hope that their Head Coach does not lose his job as a result of that dirty hit.

But the reality is, even if Jeremiah Masoli had not been injured in Regina, there is no doubt that Ottawa was going to lose that game regardless, which means this game was destined to be a matchup of 0 - 4 teams. No one would have predicted that in the aftermath of the CFL's FA period. And no one could have predicted that the entire Eastern division would be so drastically inferior to the Western division teams.

So in my opinion this game becomes a meaningless game . . . the Tiger-Cats will defeat a wounded RedBlacks team with a "junior varsity" QB at the helm, and then will promptly travel to Vancouver to get whipped by a far superior BC Lions team.
This means that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will start the 2022 season with a 1 - 5 record.

After that, we can only hope that the 'Cats 2022 journey will include a significant "feasting" period on the inferior competition in the East, while stacking some victories together against Toronto & Montreal. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats will have a chance to improve their record during that stretch . . . it remains to be seen what our Coaching staff is able to do with that opportunity.

I don't think any football coach at any level would ever look at a schedule in this manner. They cannot afford to look beyond the next challenge on the schedule. But we as fans of the CFL do have that luxury . . .

Even if (this is a BIG "if") the 'Cats have regained some of their swagger heading into the Labour Day matchup against the Toronto Argonauts, in my opinion we have to wait until the September 17th matchup against the visiting Blue Bombers to have another true barometer game to determine whether or not this team is good enough to compete against good football teams.

In the meantime, they had better "feast" on the weak & plentiful "prey" in the East, and hopefully improve all aspects of their game at the same time. September 17th is still a long way away . . . there is still a lot of football to be played between then & now . . .
And injuries will continue to be a key factor . . . Ottawa's season is over with the key injury to Masoli. Hopefully we can avoid a similar fate.


What happens if Ottawa wins this weekend?


I wonder what you would have written about the upcoming second half of the home game vs Calgary had you taken the time to share your thoughts at halftime of that game. I’m guessing it would have brought a similar level of certainty that our Ticats were back, that the week one loss was an anomaly, that Dane Evans is an MOP candidate, that we’re going to roll the East on the way to the Grey Cup game in Regina.

That’s what I would have written! While I lean towards most of what you’ve written, I can’t wait to get to my seat on Saturday and take it all in. I’m certainly expecting a convincing Ticats win, but as they say… on any given Sunday (or Saturday in this case!)

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I too hope Papi White takes a seat. I dont care who takes his spot in all honesty. He runs some trash routes and seems to be regularly stopped for no YAC.

We do have a good team , Ottawa R & B's recruited well and have a bit more talented team IMO , everyone was looking forward to the Masoli return , will their 2nd & 3rd string QB's step up and surprise the Cats? Maybe , like Coach Lancaster said ,"that's why we play the game " or close....

The Cats have a bad habit of making opposing second string QBs look like future all stars.

I hope that trend ends this week.


If Hamilton loses, & eventually misses the play-offs by a point or two would you still consider it a meaningless game? In an 18 game schedule every game is important.


OMG - are you kidding ?? I don't even want to address that possibility, but if I must . . .
As I indicated at the beginning of my post (far too lengthy - I know), the loser of this game, "wins" the dubious honour of Worst Team in the CFL. If the loser of this game somehow manages to squeeze into a playoff position (probably only 2 teams from East will make the playoffs this season) I don't think their prospects of playoff success would be very good. I am already writing off next week's game versus the Lions, so a Tiger-Cat loss this weekend would leave them still searching for their first victory, after ⅓ of the season is complete [ 0 - 6 ]. Anyone left on the "bandwagon" will be searching for a soft landing spot !!

But I am not even going to give that any further consideration. The 'Cats will win this game. But as I indicated earlier, it will be nice in the moment, but will not really prove that they have turned a corner. It will take more than a victory against the wounded Ottawa RedBlacks to convince me that this train is moving in the right direction.


First we need a better pass/run ratio. Even if it's not 50/50, at least 60/40. Ottawa is a good defense and can take care of our one dimensional offense.

The Ottawa offense, puts up alot of yards, but have trouble finding the endzone. I think our defense can keep us in this game.

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They need to start using Addison a lot more. This guy is a proven play maker if they throw him the ball, and can extend plays consistently catch after catch.

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Looks like simoni might be iffy for saturday
(Ticats, REDBLACKS Injury Reports: Levels out, Lawrence doubtful for Saturday -