OTT Coach Rick Campbell won't be back

Hello EDM,
And Maas may as well drop off his resume in OTT on his way back from MTL

They let the wrong guy go, imo

Yup . It’s not the first time that Desjardins has ruined a team . He did an absolute hatchet job on the Ti-Cats in his first attempt at being a GM back in 2006-07 with one bad move after another . The Cats ended up with a 3-15 mark in 07 , sound familiar at all REDBLACK fans ?


Desjardins protecting his job. Popp from 1 year ago almost to the day.

Both should be gone.

44-62-2 is not good enough. And I don’t want to hear “remove this season and that season”.

As for Marcel if you include Hamilton he’s 51-91-2 as a GM.

Apparently, this was Campbell’s decision. Wasn’t fired.

Understood there was one year left in the contract. Since it was voluntary, the last year of the contract doesn’t need to be paid. Either way it shouldn’t affect the football ops cap.

Maybe he didn’t want to be a lame duck coach. Asked for an extension and was told no.

That’s enough for me to walk.

Add in the fact there could be other opportunities elsewhere in the near future.


To me, Campbell leaving on his own is a bad sign for the Ottawa franchise. If it’s true that ownership was unwilling to spend money, thereby not giving Ottawa the on-field talent needed to be competitive, it explains his willingness to leave. What coach would want to remain under such conditions?

They spent to the cap, just like all teams. It was just not spent wisely. Ottawa fans, myself included, have been spoiled since this team arrived. With 4 playoff and 3 Grey Cup runs and 1 Grey Cup, in 6 years of existence, I think the ownership down to the coaches have done a good job. But, now is time to get some new blood in the coaching position and get this team back where Ottawa fans now expects this team to be.

There’s no way they spent to the cap and decided to sign 5 players to extensions last week. That screams signing bonus’ in this year’s cap to save additional money for next year.

Are you saying the RB’s poor season lies on Campbell?

"TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor reportsCampbell informedOttawa Sports and Entertainment Group CEO Mark Goudie on Saturday that he would be resigning. Naylor adds that it’s believed Campobell informedGoudie that his working relationship with general managerMarcel Desjardins was not to his satisfaction and if the general manager returned, he would not.

According to Naylor,Desjardins will be retained for the final year of his contract and will be in charge of hiring the second head coach in franchise history. "

The team failed to sign any of their key free agents in the off-season. That’s on Desjardins, and it made success almost impossible for Campbell.
That said, it’s up to the coach to get the players on the field to make an effort, and there didn’t seem to be any from that team this year. When a guy who missed a third of the season and is 17th in the league in tackles is your team’s most outstanding player … OUCH! Their repeated failures in the red zone, which has been a thorn in the side of this team for years, can’t be pinned on the GM. That’s on Campbell!
He’s doing the right thing by leaving. Marcel holding onto his job, just because his contract allows him to, is dooming this team to another season on the bottom of the league, and put off the rebuilding process for another year.
Team management needs to restrict Desjardins’ ability to hire a coach to a one-year contract, or next year when they can finally get rid of him they’ll have the albatross of a coach he hired hanging over their neck.

Since this is a voluntary leave and not a firing, would this money count towards next year’s cap?

Well unless Maas pulls a rabbit out and has a great run I fully expect to see Campbell to be HC in Edmonton.

Strong history with the city, ties to GM and the QB.

He’d be welcomed back but he needs to win too.

While I do like Rick he did seem disengaged the last half of the season and the team really had very little fight in them. Bad signs for a HC.

I don’t see Maas back in Ottawa though. He threw a fit there to get out of his contract and is like a grenade with the pin pulled.

There will be several intriguing HC candidates out there though.

I imagine that current defensive coordinator Noel Thorpe will definitely be a leading candidate for Head Coach. Marcel Desjardins brought him in Ottawa after demoting Mark Neilson from defensive coordinator.


Yeah that makes sense.

I have to agree with that,