OTT at WPG PBP Thread

Masoli and Acklin vs Zach (without Roid Boy).

Expect Masoli to look good.

Hes the best qb ever when the game doesnt mean anything.

I expect him to throw 300 yards.

Acklin sucks. Perfect pass by Masoli and he drops it. Again.


He should have had that one. A simple catch.


Beautiful TD pass by Masoli to Johnson. Looks like Ottawa might finally have an offence.

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And a bit of a run game.

Side note: I think I'm going to barf if I have to look at those GC rings one more time.

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Beautiful play.

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Oh there's the Masoli I know!


I hope everyone from the cats, especially Orlondo, is taking long hard looks at those rings.

Reflect on their decisions.


Absolutely HORRIBLE clock management by Masoli at the half. He had 30 seconds from the WPG 35, and completely wasted the clock and OTT couldn't even score.

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Another bonehead move by Acklin. No situational awareness. After that catch he should have went down and Ottawa gets a chip shot field goal to end the half. Instead he tries to break the tackle and eats up the remaining time.

No wonder the Cats let him go.


They had time for 3-4 plays.

A lot of targets for Masoli to hit. So far 8 different receivers have a catch for Ottawa halfway throught the 3rd quarter.

Now watching the game fully.

Dogs just came back in 3rd period to tie and won in OT.

Go Hamilton!!!!


Just in time to watch Masoli get picked off...

Things are right in the world.

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Zach got his bell rung again, and was removed by the spotter.

Zach what the heck you doing going head first on a meaningless game. Live to play another season. Wishing you best of health.

Yeah, that was dumb.
Gutsy, but dumb.
WPG up by 2 with 0:06 remaining for OTT.

Zach remains a gamer.

Masoli remains a loser.

Good to see Ottawa lose.