OTT at HAM PBP Thread

Overthrows a wide open receiver....but lots of yards to show for that drive.

Didn't like the way the ball almost came loose on White's carry. Great leaping one-handed catch by Jones, but just too deep for the TD.

And then the tip on the field goal? Urgh.

Guess we can thank the OTTRBs centre for that botched snap and the winds for the overthrow. Or maybe Harris was just off. Anyway decent FP for the Ticats on this drive. They need to make it count for 7 - or 8.

Two and out, although that was more the Redblacks shooting themselves in the foot with the bad snap. But good pressure on the punter results in a bad punt.

And now it's our turn to shoot ourselves in the foot - HATE the dumb procedure penalties

Compounded by the turnover and probably a penalty on us ::slight_smile: >:( Chris helping out his old team by deflecting that pass into their hands. Too bad - it was a promising drive.

INT #1 is all on Masoli...
Probably a UR penalty to boot...

And the upcoming UR penalty on Saunders for the spear on the RB player on the turf.

But .... but it was tipped.....
(Ignoring that he hung Williams out to dry...)

Deflected by Chris Williams? - not sure you can pin it entirely on Masoli.

OUCH - should have had him stopped short of the FD.

COME on D!

He barely got his fingertips on the ball. He would have been killed on the tackle.
Poor throw.

Nice play by Leonard but he needs to catch it

Not entirely, but partially. It was a bit of a reach for Williams, and the deflection was to the side. But it then was deflected up by a defender before being caught.

Nobody even near Sinopoli on that catch. Come on D!

We need to get pressure on Harris. He gets rattled easily.

Apparently he also has lots of protection. But with all the players on the DL this game they do need to get more pressure and get them off the field.
And cover Sinopli with a blanket

At least they're having some success stopping Powell - at times.
And Ellingson can't make the catch - so kept to another FG.

Can Masoli ever throw a WR screen pass that's NOT at the receiver's feet?

Nice tackle Hebert tackling the head when he's practically on the ground! >:(

I hate those plays - rarely have I seen them work for more than a yard

But that one to Saunders just worked well enough and WASN'T at his feet. :slight_smile: