OTT at HAM PBP Thread

First place is up for grabs...

Cats in a squeaker - 34-32

Williams is out in the third - hamstring.

Thanks a bunch for bumping that ridiculous “What’s going to happen when we miss the play-offs” thread .


LOL !!! Which one ? There's 3 of them on the roster . ;D

Definitely a tight one, but I think the Ticats should be able to take this one. Williams could be the difference maker.

I find it odd that the local TSN channel isn't showing this game. Does TSN actually think that viewers in Ottawa would prefer to watch a bunch of UFC-related shows (not even the any fights for a couple of hours, and 8:00 for the big fight) rather than the Redblacks? Fortunately, I have the full TSN package, so no worries for me. But really TSN?

Guess it's time to put initial on those jerseys - but i can only think of two - Chris and the returner on D (cant even remember his first name) :-[

Why are the Cats wearing white jerseys? This is our home game, is it not?

YEAH TEDDY - managed to keep them to a FG

I wondered the same thing. Not the usual garb for home games at all.

The returner/DB is Frankie Williams. The third is Everton Williams, backup RT.

Ticats wearing their road jerseys on home turf for some reason?

So the OTTRBs got the ball first AND had the wind. Ticats must have won the toss and deferred I'm thinking - but I could be wrong.

Yup just checked the roster to satisfy my curiosity. Thanks for the info!

the place looks pretty empty...whete is everyone

LOL . The returner is Frankie . The other Williams is Everton on the O-Line .

Saunders with two HUGE gains on the first couple of plays. Hope I put him on my fantasy team - think I did. :slight_smile:

Nope must have been a money thing - I have Chris Williams instead so I hope he gets a catch or two

In the end zone patios? Lots of people there last week when we were at the game.

Nice grab by Jones - too bad he was out of bounds when he came down with it.
Great drive but all for only one point. Our D needs to get some teeth in it and get them stopped quickly.

Great march downfield, but we only get a single point off a blocked FG attempt.
Red zone issues prevail...

No offside call.. Botched kick. Fun