OTR Tonight

Anthony Calvillo and Danny MacManus are going to be on OTR - must be being catered by McDonalds to get Danny Mac there! :twisted: Too bad Lansberg is the host - he gives me the creeps just looking at him.

Wow an I thought I only thought that! Amazing!

Yeah Lansberg is so weird looking.
He looks weirder every day.
I remember when he used to just be a sportsdesk man, he looked normal.
Now, everyday he looks more and more like a man in drag.

dear edited
i think it's time to stop disrespecting one of the greatest qb's of our time for his stature.i bet you're only saying that about him because its the popular thing to say,truth is you've probably never even met him.what if i told you that damon allen actually enjoyed mcdonalds more than danny had?
edited.relax on dmac.

city legend

Sooooo....about NOT over-reacting to a thread started over three years ago...:roll:

And while you're at it, how about strongly considering not being so insulting next time?

..over 3 years old, now thats some serious bumpage!

Especially when its sole purpose was to insult someone

way to defend lansberg :thup:

I dont even know who Lansberg is

he is OP's attempt to spell Landsberg :lol:

But of course you knew that silly :stuck_out_tongue:

so, wait....danny mac and AC are NOT on OTR tonite???


And I was just getting ready to tune it in....
This gets my vote for oddest thread ever...
3 years old? Wow!

Hold on here did you say weird looking? looks like your sweating coming out of some Cave with a smile like a Cat that just ate the Canary (or something else). By the way what shade of Lipstick is that your wearing?
You know you really should not make fun of Peoples apperances.

:lol: :lol: :lol: That cracked me up...