OTR - Sept 9 - Hage & Setta

Just to let everyone know, tonite at 6 pm on TSN's Off the Record, Marwan Hage and Nick Setta will be 2 of Michael Lansberg's guests.

Personally, I think it will be boring, I have no clue what they will talk about?!?

Lansberg I'll Always Hated him..
But I'll Watch tonight Case Marwin and Nick are on

Nick appears to be the only guy on this club who shows up every week.

wonder what they will have to say...should be interesting....

not much goin on lately.

just tuned in, he's embarassing himself-getting all defensive saying that in charlie's 28 games the only reason they haven't won is they haven't played together-what a joke! i know it would sting to sit there and admit that the team you're playing for has little talent but the truth hurts marwan.

why he would cut giancola off to say he was "a kicker" when he was asked if charlie lost the room, is beyond me. he actually had to ask what "losing the room " meant.
not one of your better performances #62.

city legend

Marwan might be great for the kids but on any other team he’d be a backup. Guys like him don’t want the situation to change, he’ll lose his job…

i don't understand what hage's problem was on otr today, he seemed mad and frustrated

Let's see. They fire your head coach at midstream and replace him with BELLEFEUILLE then trade the captain of your defense to one of your two rivals for a draft pick.

And you dont understand why he is mad and frustrated?

Are your Bob Obilovich?

i understand but the way he treated giancola was atrocious. i'm sure the ride home with nick setta was pleasant

From what I've seen from Hage's play this season, Setta would kicks his ar...

Hage showing no discipline is no surprise to me...

Another reason why the O Line is pathetic. He is certainly not a Carl Coulter ???

He is our best O-Lineman as recognized by the team.
He is a legit starter.
He is sticking up for the boys in the room.
Would you like him to throw the players under the bus?

That's a sad commentary on this O-line...

He would not start on any other team,at least as a centre...

He could'nt snap his fingers without insruction...

He lacks the intelligence, leadership and toughness to lead. By claiming a kicker is not a football player he threw Setta under the bus.


Anyone shocked that this guy is “good friends” with Adriano Belli off the field?

8) Probably because Obie hasn't traded him yet, and he still has to play for this team !!! :wink:

Holy cow people relax. He was probably told or made it clear he did not want to talk about the teams situation on the show. Giancola asked the question and Hage got upset as he was put on the spot - what he asked not to do. He kept stating "why am I here" which I lead to believe was his statement on him getting thrown under the bus. Setta, I am sure, did not take his statement personally.

HOWEVER, for those watching the show the biggest point of this teams destruction was brought out LOUD and CLEAR as I have been saying for last couple years. The team is trying to hard and constantly looking over their shoulders (coaches and players). The Cats have created an atmosphere of instability. The way this organization has been run makes no one feel comfortable. You screw up you are fired. How many players are cut and coaches fired fofr not producing!!! The Cats have a turnstile operation that will not work as a sports franchise. The team, players and coaches need some time to learn and should be told and given that timeline. Do not get me wrong - if you have boneheads on the team making bonehead plays they should be cut. But rookie after rookie is brought in and released shortly there after. No chance to learn or succeed. If they were that &&** why did you bring them in in the first place. Everyone is running scared, squeezing the ball to hard or trying to do extra. That is when you have players questioning coaches (see Moreno), receivers constantly dropping balls (see everyone), qb's bouncing balls like basketball (see Printers), coaches throwing flags at wrong times (see Taffe, Lancaster) and people running the wrong plays (everyone again) or better yet taping the wrong system to your arms (Printers).

Right now OB needs to right this ship with Mitchell and Young. the 3 need to come out in a press conference and address the team and fans. Say they are rebuilding. they finally have front office in place and they will be picking the right young talent to fill positions and the proper coaching staff to lead. That Printers, Lumsden, Bradley, Setta, Rodriguez are the players the team are building around and they will be utilizing their draft picks to build and get stronger. That this will take a couple more seasons of possible losing but they will improve (and being the CFL who knows how quickly) and they will develop into a championship organization in 3 years. Everyone here now will stay for those 3 years and learn and develop and for the fans you are either with us or against us. If after the 3 years things are not improving then it would be time for Bob to count his losses and go.

Bob, time to learn from the mistakes and make this work

Marwan showed poor judgement by going on OTR while the team was going through what it was.

The show is all about putting people on the spot. Goes back to my comment in regards to Intelligence.

One problem....we've already heard this last year and the year before. Last year it was pointed out that Printers, Lumsden, Moreno and Setta were some core players that the team was going to build around. The year before it was Cody. It seems each year the same record is played...and we end up with almost the same record of wins and losses.