OTish: TSN loses rights to broadcast NHL for 12 years

I realize this is off topic, but considering how big a partner TSN is of the CFL and that a new TV deal is coming up this has big implications in my opinion. This makes TSN's big broadcasts CFL, IIHF, and Brier/Scotts/Olympic trials curling, some NFL. Next down the line would probably be NBA. However, since the NBA starts later than the NHL October becomes a big month with out any of those happening other than CFL and NFL. Does this give the CFL the upper hand, and force TSN to anti up more, or does TSN back off and try to cut costs and focus on promoting things like other IIHF world championships (Womens, Mens, u-18) and NBA. I also mentioned in the Halifax thread about how Bell could back getting a team or standing up since the CFL is a big money maker for them. Does this make this more of a possibility? That brings in 9 more games after losing a bundle of NHL games. Or might Bell push for MLSE to buy the Argos, and spend enough to keep them competitive and try to make them strong in the market?

This is not just short term, but long term implications on the CFL in my opinion

I agree this is huge news. This could go one of two ways. This could open the door for a huge increase in CFL production. A lot more money, resources, on air talent, and marketing can be allocated to the CFL that once went to hockey. On the other hand, what if TSN turns into a sinking ship without hockey? What if all the talent leaves and TSN starts losing money. What happens to the CFL? If I didn't hate Rogers before I sure as hell do now. I'll boycott Sportsnet forever if I have to!

Don't think that the football situation in Canada has nothing to do with this.

Rogers knows full well that TSN without hockey is basically crippled, if not dead. If TSN dies, the CFL dies.

Also, take note that TSN still has Habs regional broadcasts (RDS), as well as Jets, and split Leafs regional broadcasts. They can also still broadcast draft, trade deadline, and free agency shows.

I'm thinking TSN pushes this

July-September: Primary CFL, big marketing for tennis majors and Raonic. Might even ask CFL for games which are on different times than finals

October-November: Big CFL push, with NFL games moving over from CTV when the two don''t coincide. Huge NBA push

December-June: NFL playoffs, IIHF's 5 world championships + smaller tournaments, Aussie open, Brier and Scotties, NBA

Try to pick up rights for: CHL, Grand Slam Curling

Someone else online even mention TSN showing KHL games

how about aussie rules football and international soccer

Sportsnet owns Fifa rights.

Aussie football would be interesting, but time + introducing a completely unknown game to the masses would be huge hurdles.

Another thought is AHL. Could be easy to market "Watch the Laughs of tomorrow take on the future of the Habs"

damnit anyhow.

watch for more poker, billiards and darts.

not to mention the dreaded golf.

maybe some lawn bowling and horseshoes.

I wouldn't mind watching some top level touch football.

I think this is going to be HUGE for the CFL! Don't worry everyone, TSN isn't going anywhere. This could also be a great opportunity for the NBLC (National Basketball League of Canada) to get on TV and make a big time splash.

rogers will lose their shirt on this.:wink:
ratings on rogers never match TSN

They will now.

rogers rating were lower for the raptors then TSN. They are lower for indycar ten TSN. they were lower for nfl and MLB.
why would they suddenly match TSN for NHL?

A couple of thoughts/questions:

Doesn't TSN still own the "Hockey Night In Canada" theme song? Will that be shelved for 12 years?

Does this mean a bigger push (either from TSN or within the CFLHQ) for that 10th CFL team to make 5 weekly games available for broadcast? Would investment in a stadium in Halifax/QC/GTA/wherever make sense for Bell/TSN to ensure those ratings?

TSN/CTV also lost the Olympics. I know it's only a 4 year event but last years Olympics was the highest rated event of 2012 and huge ratings everyday for 2 weeks. Unlike football and hockey they capture not only the sports crowd but women of all ages too. The coverage last year was fantastic with events on TSN, RDS and different events on CTV.
It brings in a lot of advertising revenue.
Next Olympics it's CBC so I don't think they will cover as many events as TSN/CTV

As for the NHL, the TSN Stanley Cup playoff broadcasts had excellent ratings considering they were restricted to the early rounds and Wednesday night non-Canadian teams. RDS gets huge ratings for hockey, considering they are going into fewer homes, their ratings regularly average over 800,000 for Canadiens hockey.

I'm pretty surprised TSN let this happen, considering how much of their schedule is NHL focused. You're talking several nights a week for over half the year suddenly empty. That's huge.

It doesn't really affect the CFL much, as the overlap between the two isn't that big, scheduling wise. I would expect TSN to make a pitch for more NBA games, though. They'll need something to fill the void.

Keep in mind Tsn still owns the rights to Iihf events.

As for the Olympics Bell and Rogers are part of the broadcast plans.

with this new deal, CBC will now fork over a record $175 million per season (or $2.1 BILLION total) over the course of the 12 year term.
and once the CBC Crown corp finalizes it's overall programming licenses and schedules for the following decade, the Canadian taxpayer will view the current $1.2 billion dollar annual losses/subsidy as pocket change.

Joe Public gets raked over the coals and used as a spittoon more than ever.

Doesn't affect me, I watch little NHL live, basically the highlights and Sportscentre will still be showing highlights. As long as they continue with the CFL I'm happy and they are able to do an excellent job as now. I wish the best for TSN though as the CFL broadcaster and hopefully this won't affect their bottom line. :?

HNIC is a money maker for CBC. It brings in more than it costs, including the rights fees.

So no, Joe Public isn't paying a dime for the hockey package. What they're paying for is CBC having transmitters in the middle of nowhere.

the CFL is now the cornerstone/flagship of TSN programming.
they NEED to push the CFL like never before. without the CFL, TSN is irrelavant - no better than TheScore.

this nhl / rogers deal lasts 12 years, and the newest CFL/TSN deal expires atleast once during that time. that is when the CFL can really hit the jackpot. perhaps the result of this will be the elusive 10th team and 1 weekly game on CTV? the CFL would have all the leverage ( give us what we want or your network dies ).

side note:
seeing as how Bell owns part of MLSE and all of TSN, does it make sense for them to help kill off the CFL to bring an NFL team to toronto which only has 16 games/year, with no promise their programming will end up on Bell networks?
seems to me, Bell should be voting against this NFL plan in the MLSE boardrooms, otherwise they are putting a gun to their own heads.