Otis Still Out !!!

8) According to the depth chart for tomorrow nights game, Otis Floyd will not play, along with Darrell Adams.
  Added to the active roster is Montez Murphy and G. Allard Cameus.

  Deleted from active roster is Scott McCuaig and Darcy Brown.

  Looks like Murphy will get the nod at DT, backed up by Kirk.

Should be interesting to see how Montez Murphy makes out after being cut by two teams prior to coming to Ham. Hope he does real well against one of his old teams. :thup:

MB was saying that Otis, while being cleared to practice, will not play because of his concussion. That is the type of injury you do NOT take chances with...

8) I remember Drew Edwards stating in the Spec last week that it would appear that Otis's concussion is worse than the team is admitting !!!!
8) As a correction, it was IKE BROWN that was deleted from the active roster !!! Sorry about the mistake.

Nowadays to get clearence after a concussion you have to be 100% free of symptoms. The symptoms are impossible to predict.
Less than 15 years ago he'd be out there playing. The approach to concussions has changed dramatically and some say its still not enough.

Probably the least amount of changes from one week to the next that I can ever remember....that is a good sign!

i hope OTIS gets in there soon . him and the other 2 ex BC linebackers are quite the vicious trio .

I think Haley has been doing well and maybe this is good getting hm playing time as he would likely backup jamal johnson as well and it's possible jamal would move to SAM linebacker if knowlton got injured and HALEY would then take Johnson's spot .

That's not good news about Otis. Hopefully he makes a full recovery and returns this year. Otherwise, there are more important things in life than playing football.