Otis Floyd's return?

Just wondering if anyone's heard if Otis is returning soon. I heard that Adams is out for at least a couple weeks but as far as Otis goes, I haven't heard. It certainly would be a huge lift for the D if he were to return this week. I know that recovering from a concussion is very hard to predict, sometimes players can take a while to recover from them, if at all. :cowboy:

8) Well in todays Spec they mention that Otis is still recovering from the concussion and did not practice yesterday !!! Being that Haley had a good game against Montreal at MLB, I would venture to guess that Otis will sit out this week also.
 They also mention that Darrell Adams is day to day with a lower body injury  !!   However on CHML, Rick Zamperin stated that Adams is out for 2 to 6 weeks with a knee injury  !!!

Jury's still out on Haley. I thought he had a problematic game against the blue team on opening day, but I agree he played very well against Montreal.


As much as I would like to have Otis on the field, I think we can fill in with other players without a huge drop off in talent.

I am more worried about the loss of Adams. He is the nucleus of the D-Line, and an area were we don't have the same depth.


People have talked about the DLine as a place of concern for how long now, years and here we are in the same place again and again. there seems to be a lot of players on the sick list and practice team but not enough game ready DLinemen. :slight_smile:

Where's Devone Claybrooks when you need him lol?

8) Latest report is that Otis did not dress for practice yesterday, leading to speculation that the concussion he sustained is worse than the team is saying !!!! :roll:

I think “The Elevator” would be a better nickname for a big Saskatchewan lineman. Though I guess it might be spun as a negative, as it implies being anchored to one spot and having trains pass beside you. :smiley: