I have not been very impressed as hel eft themiddel wide open on mnay ocasions. I noticed even RAy was able to run up the middle . Floyd seems to be playing the middle like it is an outside linebacbacker position ,
he is chasing a running back ior slotback and it is clearing out the middle for adraw play or passout of the backfield or qb draw or scramble .

I think we need to ensure the middle is not left open
He is also playing too aggressive in that he is guaranteed to get late hit or face mask penalties each game

I'd say give him a bit more time, and if we still have a problem, send in Haley.

8) On one situation when Edmonton called a draw play to Whitlock, you could hear on the TV. the
  TiCat coaches and players yelling out "draw play".  

 To no avail though !!   Whitlock rambled up the middle for another big gain !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 That play might even have been one of his touchdown runs, if I'm not mistaken  !!!

Ummm last i check whitlock beat us mostly on outside. If a offensive play is set up right and executed perfectly there is little chance any defence can stop it as we saw with the KG pass to AB3 on our first offensive play of the game. Now the Sloppy tackles are inexcusable but I dont think i would blame otis for all those seems either Edmonton covered themselves in grease or we need some serious work on football fundementals. Do I blame any 1 player for the loss NO and specially not Otis he seems to be very consistant when he gets to a player that player generaly goes down. And as for the middle being wide open Ummm where otis is depends on the play the defence is running or you know SOMETIMES THE BLOCKERS DO GET DOWNFIELD AND MAKE BLOCKS!

yea Otis is fine. He made a hell of a hit last night at one point and I was concerned he would aggravate his concussion with such a tremendous hit but he stayed in the game. That's a good sign.

8) It wasn't me putting any blame on the play of Otis !!!
 I simply pointed out one particular play, that caught my attention watching the game  !!!!

 I think Otis is doing OK  !!

I like Otis, I like what he brings to the game but I'm not sure about MLB. the line backing didn't look good on occasion.

I'll be one to say that I was much more impressed by Haley then I have been of Otis Floyd so far this year. He seemed faster tougher and around the ball a lot more.

i agree entirely about your HALEY comment Dieter Rock.

Johnson has been non existent now for two games as well …ia m thinking they are running to the strong side and middle to avoid johnson i liek knowlton but not against the run so much

Whitlock beat us because we can't tackle, we just gave him 3 threee TDs that he didn't deserve.

He did deserve them! there was a lot of effort by him on those plays, so don't take nothing from him.

Did he work for them? Yes, Should they have been at the most 8 yrd carries? Yes. We need to grab a hold from the bottom and stop trying to go high.

Otis is a great leader on defense. There were lots of tackling issue on both teams yesterday and I think (or hope) that some of it may have had to do with the terrible state of the field after the AC/DC concert.

I'm not sure where this criticism is coming from. I think Otis is a beast on the field. He has a great nose for the play. Just watch when a tackle occurs. If it's not number 35 doing the mauling, he's usually a step or two away.

I agree with this part completely.

Beveridge didn't exactly have a great game either. The team was soft in the middle.

An Argo-Cat fan