Otis Floyd

Did he practice today?

Team day off.

I believe he practiced his golf game with the rest of his team-mates. :smiley:

Football practice begins on Wednesday.

Wednesday!! I figured they'd be out running out the kinks at least today.

remember Dunigan

According to the CFLPA [the player's association] rules

CFL teams are entitled to have their players come in
to 'work out the kinks' the day after a game, then,

if there are 7 days between games, the players get one day off.

This time, there are 8 days between games so they get 2 days off

Players that want to to work out can come in any time that they want.

As far as I know, players do their strength,
fitness and endurance work on their own time.

OK it's Wednesday. Did he practice?

I know all about concussions. I'm in the 8th month of mine that came with a whiplash.

I know that even if he has a mild concussion, that the act of running, by itself, will not be good; never mind any type of contact.

Yes He did

That's a relief. :smiley:

woohoo! :thup:

Chml says he will play on Sunday.

Any word about the Adams Family, I know hes been practicing but will he play against Sask.