Otis Floyd,

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=12078]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... &nid=12078[/url]

Maybe he should try a different tactic, since they lost for the first time in 8 games :roll:

Nope, Otis did his job. The D worked hard and kept things in reach during the whole game. It's just that the other D did a good job as well.

It's our O that needs some work.

I have heard that nine players are up fpr new contracts and those nine will not be renewed Otis and Clermont are two that are mentioned who are the others that will not have new contracts after this season!

Floyd already re-signed...2 weeks ago.

what about clermont?.. would love to see him back in his home town :slight_smile: --along side the great fantuz, of course

Not sure about Lion82, but I can ask around.

I would LOVE to see Jason Clermont come to the Stamps. An all-star, CANADIAN reciever to add to our already talented crew? I love it. Defences wouldn't know which way to turn.

Next year is his option year from what I found out at lionbackers.com