Otis Floyd released

…Is he worth a look???He could be faster than Joe Lobo and hits just as hard BUT will we ever get over the ‘boat’ incident of a few yrs ago :lol: Has his ship sailed or will Lapo give him an invite to tc. :roll: I have a feeling we’ll take a pass on him…

I don’t think he was involved in the boat incidents, was he? I thought it was “just” being a total ***hole after the game.

…i’m pretty sure it was Floyd who pretended he was paddling the boat ‘up the creek’ …and i’m sure he didn’t have a paddle…I might be mistaken but i think that’s the incident that kicked off the insults hurled between Kelly and Floyd :roll:

Some people get better with age, Floyd had a career year last seaso with 83 tackles and 4 sacks BUT i will say the Bombers take a pass on a 35 year old (in June) Linebacker for one reason .... Mack has already stated that LoBo and McCoy will fight it out at camp, which is what we thought would happen anyway's PLUS I am sure Mack will find another one or two MLB down South to compete with Lobo and McCoy.

That being said, if the other Loyd (Maurice) from Edmonton is released as many speculate may happen, we take a look at him, he is only 28 and would push Lobo and McCoy for sure.

I could've sworn the incidents between Floyd and Kelly took place before the game during the on-field warm-ups, then further escalated after the game.

I think you're right. I seem to recall that Floyd was going after Bishop in the warm-ups, Kelly stepped in and things went from there. The biggest problem I had with that is that Floyd wouldn't man up after the game in interviews and take responsibility for his own actions. Witnesses heard him say things which Floyd claimed he didn't and the video clearly showed Floyd going after Kelly after the game when Kelly was walking away.

to answer the original question.. is otis floyd worth a look.. the answer is NO. we dont need that d-bag on the team.. lobo or mccoy or merril johnson or whoever else mack finds and brings up... those are gonna be the guys. THis isnt the brendan taman era, we arent gonna pick up other teams crap really.. Mo Lloyd aswell, if he gets released, no chance he comes here... not a chance they want to screw the lockerroom chemistry.. these guys may be good players.. or were good players but... they have the attitude that you dont want and for that reason, floyd, lloyd. whatever... whoever.. they will NOt be brought in to camp.. MACK will not and rightfully so pay big money for these primadonna locker room cancers.

I was at that game and it did start b4 the game, pretty sure floyd actually started it by talking crap to kelly.. kelly ofcourse talked crap back... and then it escilated after the boating incident as floyd was one of many tiger cats involved in that display of ridiculousness..

people can talk crap about mike kelly all they want, but fact is.. the guy was just standing up for his players.. canad inns is our house, u dont bring a d-bag like floyd who disrespected not only our house but our loyal fans and alot of the players who are still on the team... Just wouldnt work. Floyd is done. he'll be running his carwash from now on.

I know its the off season and there is very little going on but... can we please stop this... with every guy that gets released... i mean, who's next... people wanted donovan alexander, bauman, gauthier, now they want floyd and heck im sure some want cobb too. I just... its pretty obvious to me and should be obvious to everyone that... the route we are going does not involved high priced old american players.. WE WILL NOT PAY big money for these guys and thats what they would demand.

Joe Mack told the Sun that we have no interest in Floyd so that should end any discussion about bringing him in.

Just curious, what makes you say Otis Floyd is a douchebag? Is it because he owns a carwash? is it because he got into an argument with Mike Kelly before/after a game? Is it because he was Ti-Cat? Is it because he got into a boat with his fellow teammates while celebrating a touchdown? Or is all off the above?

Floyd's a little too undisciplined for my liking, in his play and his opinions.

just his actions on and off the field... throughout the years... the incident at the stadium a few seasons back left a sour taste in my mouth for sure. I just... he comes across as just being a guy you wouldnt want in your locker room. why did hamilton relelase him? 1. he's overpriced, 2. he's too old. 3. he's a problem in the lockerroom. maybe all 3.

rey williams hasnt played in the cfl in 2 years now.. is coming off a bad injury too. i know he signed with hamilton and that made floyd expendable but.. why did hamilton want him in the first place.. normallly if u are happy with your middle linebacker you dont bring in a guy like williams to replace him. Obillabitch obviously feels floyd isnt worth the money anymore and joe mack has stated there is not interest so this is a dead issue.

I know you're probably just stating your opinion, but that's 100% wrong.

Obie made the move because he had an opportunity to pick up a younger, faster, better player. "Better is better".

What exactly are you basing your 'better' on?

There is no evidence, statistical or otherwise, to say Williams is better.

rey williams had what? 1 good year... dude could be a lobendahn.

Philip Hunt had... 1 good year?One of the dirtiest DL out there next to Willis.(nice move trying to rip KG's leg off when he was trying to get up after the hit.You hurt him but couldn't keep him out)
Rey Williams is a beast, just look at his '09 playoff run.He was in the NFL last year but didn't get to do anything because of an injury.An example of LB's without beastly stats before Hamilton: Jamall Johnson.BC year 1:1 tackle 6 STT 1 INT.Year 2:7 tackles 5 STT.Year 3:25 tackles 19 STT 1 sack.Year 4:33 tackles 26 STT 6 sacks.Hamilton year 1:108 tackles 9 STT 2 sacks.Year 2:101 tackles 10 STT 5 sacks.Markeith Knowlton BC year 1: 8 tackles 14 STT.Year 2:42 tackles 3 STT 2 sacks.Hamilton year 1: 95 tackles 2 sacks 4 INTS.Year 2:94 tackles 1 STT 1 sack 4 INT's 4 FUM.Year 3:71 tackles 3 sacks 3 INT's 6 FUM, 2010 CFL most outstanding defensive player.
With our new aggressive DC and the best LB corps. in the league, I see a very successful year for our defence.

Hunt had more than one good year. He was good when he joined the Bombers in 2009 and then improved on it considerably in 2010.

You have a strange memory if you think anyone was trying to rip Glenn's leg off. Glenn stepped on his hand and when he got up he had Glenn's foot in said hand and Glenn then proceded to embellish the whole thing like he'd be killed. He limped around for 2 seconds and then went back in the huddle and was fine.

What i’m basing it on is the fact that Obie wouldn’t have made the move if he didn’t feel Rey Williams was better than Floyd. Not to mention he would have likely gotten Joe Womack’s opinion on Williams.

Now, not to say they’re always going to be right, but i’m willing to trust their opinions. Floyd was well respected by the team, the fans, and the entire organization. For people to assume he is a problem in the locker room just because he is outspoken isn’t really fair.

Williams is an intriguing player for sure but, he still has to prove it on the field of play. Floyd, despite my opinion of him, was still playing at a high level as far as MLB'ers go. Guess we'll see if the move is an upgrade or not when the season starts.