That is the way a defensive player should behave!!! He was all over the Winnipeg run and even better was the fact that he was talkin to the other team all game gettin in their heads. I liked the way he come over and gave Knowlton hell for helping Bishop to his feet after knockin him on his can. At the end of the game it showed him walkin off the field yellin four letter expletives at the other team. He will not come down til Tuesday. lol

No kidding, I wouldnt want to stand in his way. :stuck_out_tongue:

He`s a beast and a leader on this team. I love that one arm tackle on the receiver ( I think). Our defense rocks!!

Did you see when Knoton when to pick Bishop up

Floyd got mad at this team mate ...

Classic FLoyd

Floyd played well.

We just have to do this for the next 3 weeks. Next week is going to be awesome.

We have the best linebacking corps in the league.

Thank you Obie.

I was laughing and clapping when Otis scolded Knowlton for helping Bishop, what a monster, what a leader. Hopefully we get to play his remaining years with Hamilton, he is a perfect fit.

Yes Floyd played well.
Speaking of which did anyone catch it after the game when the coaches were shaking hands immediately after Floyd was seen directing the F bomb and I presume it was Kelly and I only briefly caught about trading him or something?

I believe he was calling kelly a "fin idiot" which was great, especially after that weak handshake!!

Not sure if Floyd is the most talented lb in the league but he's a leader combined with an excellent talent, no question!

That's the right attitude, for sure!

This team has a bunch of leaders and Floyd is certainly one. Glenn, Bruce, Cobb, Floyd, McDaniels, Pre Cha, James, I could go on and on. This is simply the best Ti-cat team this decade.
Doc 8)

Uh...This is a good team.It's NOT better than the 2001 team.

Let's see how far they go first.

I like the heart of this team, McDaniel was obviously dinged in this game but came back into the game and did his best. You know he was hurting. Not the only one I'm sure but as a offensive threat, you could see this. :thup:

Remember that ticats.ca training camp video when Otis realized that he was the oldest player on the team? The heart he showed today proves that you are only as old as you feel.

Isn't it fitting that his sponsors are personal injury lawyers! Otis' page click here

I'll be screaming in Box J on Sunday to support both Otis and the rest of our great Deeeee - Fence

Oskee wee wee

After Otis gave Knowlton hell, he yapped at Bishop.

When Otis turned and left, on his way to the huddle
Bishop took a detour and bumped Otis from behind

and then quickly scampered away to the huddle.

Otis looked to see who had bumped into him,

When he saw it was Bishop, I could see that
he was planning to get serious revenge on him.

You are right, Muskokaman, this is definitely
the wat a defensive player should behave!!!

Otis is great. He has not played a bad game all year. The guy is the heart of our defence, and that is saying a lot considering the quality of our defence.

Otis has had a chip on his shoulder all year from being dumped in the off-season......by BC!!!

I bet this is going to be the story line of this week too. The former "Lionbacking" core we possess as we here every game.