Otis Floyd Injury?

I didn't get chance to listen to much of the post-game show. Was anything mentioned about Otis after that sideline collision?

He did not return to the game, but it was said on CHML that we won’t know exactly how serious the injury is until tomorrow at the earliest.

hopefully otis is fine, the dude is the emotional backbone of the defence. Great soundbites too. LOL.

It was a hellacious hit! Good to know he was coherent after the train wreck. We need him!

Oski Wee Wee,

Thanks for the replies guys. Hopefully he just has a few "cobwebs" in the morning. Sports really have come a long way in how they look at possible concussions and blows to the head. Time was if you were even close to the numbers of fingers held up by the trainer you could go back in.

It was a scary hit. We were right there in box h. He was definitely out for a bit. When he got up everyone wad relieved, but it looked like he was pretty out of it. He’s a warrior, hope he’s back for Montreal

TSN2 is rerunning the game now and just showed the hit.

Looks as if he had is bell rung.

He'll be ok, I think.

concussions are tricky to work around. Witness Aaron Hill - he was out for the year from a hit that was less severe than this one.
The effects of mine have lasted 7 months, but I'm old etc.

Good luck to Otis

I hear it might be a concusion ?

It could very well be given the hit involved. They will have to run some baseline tests to determine where he's at before determining when he'll return. Hopefully his pulling tonight was mainly precautionary.

Oski Wee Wee,

There is already a thread about this that has some info.



JUst watched the replay on TSN2 and he looked fine. He was smiling and laughing on the sidelines. Forde and Black said they were happy he looked to be ok. I guess well see.

He was waiving and pointing at the crowd as he left the field. I'm sure he's ok.

He was out before he hit the ground. Scary.

very scary, i was freaking because of the way the Bombers staff and the Ticat players were all waving right away for the medical staff to come.

i watched it again on TSN2 and he was definately knocked out.

It was a big hit and Im glad everybody was ok.Floyd looked ok later on on the sidelines.
But is it not a CFL rule if you get hurt or helped off the field of play you must sit out 1 or 3 plays, because the Winnepeg QB was hurt on the play too and was help up and checked out by the training staff and he still came back in for the next couple of plays ,Why ?????

He got up and was on the sidelines. I believe its a technicality, co i think its of you are helped off the field. While they were tending to Floyd LeFors obviously got his bearings, maybe Winnepeg got away with one I dont know.

Who cares lol? Lefors did more harm than good to the Bombers. Let him play all he wants. Maybe they'll give me the starting job if I ask Kelly nicely :wink:

Could be that Winnipegs trainers didn't have to go on the field, the hit took place right on the sidelines and Lefors ended up off the field.
Strictly theory though.

Sounds right to me. I thought the rule was that the player only has to stay out if the trainers come on the field. Since Lefors was already off the field, it would be equivalent to a player limping off the field under his own power to let a substitute come on without bringing in the trainers.

I think the rule was introduced to discourage players from going down intentionally as a kind of "emergency time out". Wasn't there a Grey Cup game where due to a personnel mixup or an imminent timecount violation, TWO players on one team mysteriously dropped to the field? Toronto versus Edmonton in '87 maybe?