Otis Floyd a TiCat

8) According to Ken Peters in todays Spec (Tues) Otis Floyd will sign a 1 year contract with the TiCats today !!!
  He will compete for the MLB position, and if that does not work out, he will return to his normal position, as outside linebacker  !!

I can't find this anywhere, do you have a link?

The Lions are sure under going a turnover this year.
Lets see DE Cam Wake, LB Jamall Johnson to the NFL and quite possibly RB Stefan Logan will be going as well. OT Rob Murphy sounds like he's leaving for an eastern team.
SB Jason Clermont and DT Tyrone Williams released and LB Otis Floyd to Hamilton. Barrin Miles isn't getting any younger.
Some of these guys you just don't replace with a phone call to somebody on your neg list.

Wally has always let guys go when they starting the downward trend instead of waiting for them to grind to a halt, like the Argos.
But this is still a lot of holes to fill at once. Looks like it will be Calgary and then flip a coin for the other three this year in the west.

And in the East, -as Cavilo goes so go the al,s- The Arg,s are 3 years away from contending again, -the Bombers Starting rebuild as well , moves the Cats into a Possible 1st Place finish!! :rockin:


One new player sign a whole bunch to go

Kenny might have mentioned in his article that Otis was a
West Division all-star three times, including the 2007 season,

and was a Canadian Football League All-Star two years ago.

Big signing!


They are going to try Otis at MLB

Hmmm...maybe that starting OLB job many fans have assumed
that Ray Mariuz was going to lose to him hasn't been lost just yet.

Why only a 1 year deal? I would have signed him for 2 plus an option. This guy is here to replace Zeke, why not lock him up long term?

Good point, Ron.

Lots of combinations are possible. Much depends on the ratio and how it is deployed. Will Barker be starting safety? Will Lumsden be here and start, and remain injury-free? What Canadians will we be able to start on the O and D lines? Will Bauman be our only Canadian receiver? Ray Mariuz is a solid player, maybe not our preferred starter at OLB in the abstract, but we don't populate the lineup in the abstract, we do it based on having the optimum combination of Canadians and Imports at all positions on both sides of the ball. I wouldn't count out Ray just yet either.

Maybe this was offered and he said, "No thanks." Maybe he wasn't offered enough to want to take it long term and has confidence he can play well enough that we'll up the ante a year from now.

One year means a year and an option year anyway doesn't it?

didn't I hear this last year???

Actually, this is the wrong attitude to take about the Cats rebuilding. Rather than hoping that the rest of the east comes down to the Cats level, the Cats should worry about getting better than the other teams...

Theres a difference.

Tomato, tomawto. Who cares. If we make the playoffs because other people stink, I'll take it at this point. :lol:

Tomato, tomawto. Who cares. If we make the playoffs because other people stink, I'll take it at this point. :lol:
ROFLMAO ! Even voodoo dolls of Calvillo and the Pinner would be fair game at this point :)

Those things don't work.....

Not that I've tried them or anything. :wink:

Hmmm.. Wasn't that a Doug Berry doll I saw you poking :slight_smile:

Good signing by Obie!

Good player and a good signing. I just hope that they are still going to try and find a proven MBL, hopefully a FA. Always felt the MLB was the most important D player on the field and often dictates the attitude of the whole D and how it plays.

Totally agree Matelot. And I have one concern about Floyd at MLB..............to my knowledge, he's never played there before (I stand to be corrected).

When Barrin Simpson left BC as a free agent, the BC brain trust didn't try to move Floyd inside, they used Javier Glatt instead. I am not overly impressed with Glatt as a MLB..........don't think he's that effective, but with that great defensive line BC has had for the past several seasons, it has never really hurt them (that may change in 2009).

So, if wise football minds like Wally Buono and Dave Ritchie didn't think playing Floyd in the middle was a good idea, and thought that Glatt was better in that spot, then that makes me question the move...............

But, maybe it will work out well, time will tell.

Hope he's still got something left in the tank.

He'll be 33 when this season starts.

Good solid signing, and the one-year contract will give him lots of incentive to prove to the league that he's still got something left in the tank.

Next up: D-line! If Obie doesn't sign at least one of Claybrooks and Haywood, I will seriously question his competence as a GM.