Otis Floyd a Ticat?

Seems the Cats signed Otis Floyd…

Ticats snatch up Floyd:

Is this confirmed? :thup: :thup: :thup:

Otis Floyd LB (ex-BC Lion) has been signed by the Cats

I'm trying to find more confirmation of this, but nothing on TSN or the main site. Has he actualyl signed anything? or just "agreed to terms"? Maybe just waiting until the new year to officially sign for cap/tax reasons...

Otis Floyd is not listed on the BC Lions roster. I checked his stats and he is compartively even with J. Armour … If he has signed with the Cats… is this a good move by Obie ??? Your thoughts please.

Agreed I like this SIgning if True

Having watched and enjoyed his play with BC I'm confident that he will add depth and experience to your woefull 'Cats. Vote: good move by Obie :thup: Merry Christmas Ti-Cat fans.

This is a great signing. I think Ray Mariuz just lost his starting job, which I like. I also think this suggests that the Ticats will be trying to field an all-Canadian O-Line next year. In that vein, look for Obie to sign a vet Canadian tackle, and draft Rottier at #1 to play the other tackle spot.

A great upgrade to add to our present inebacking corps.

Otis was a West Division all-star three times, including the 2007 season,
and was a Canadian Football League All-Star just two years ago.

Will this make up for Obie's trading of Zeke, folk?

He is about the same age. Floyd is 31

[June 12 1977] not 32 as the article said.

I agree, Ron. Floyd will add a lot to our linebacking core, however,

I still can't forgive him for the loss of Zeke Moreno. I say this

brutal mistake could have been avoided had Obie done his homework.

I'll begin to forgive him when he produces some prominent linemen

for our training camp.

Good signing, a linebacker was one of our necessities. Now we have 2 more, a stud rush end and offensive tackle. A nice luxury would be a veteran wide out.

It sure does make the linebacking corps look more respectable. I wonder if he’s ever played MLB, or if they are thinking of trying him out there…

I think like Cameron " the Hulk " Siskowic for middle spot He Young at 24 fast and plays with Great passion

Hopefully this is the plan, Tom. Floyd is the one recent castoff that I wanted the Cats to sign, precisely because he remains a solid OLB. I like what I saw from Siskowic late in the season -- adding veteran depth around him is needed. The Moreno trade will not make sense by the acquisition of Floyd, but whether Siskowic, Anthony, or a MLB to be gleaned later will emerge next year. Cam has the wheels to be an impact player given the right system and support.

The next priority is to unearth a stud DE pressure rusher come FA time. We need pieces to the defensive puzzle, not just another defensive coordinator to oversee a toothless pass rush!

Oski Wee Wee,

Too bad he also makes a ton of mistakes and over runs plays constantly. I'm not sold he's the answer in the middle, he's a great sp player though.

And I'm glad they're not going to go another year with Mariuz starting.

You don't mean to insinuate that we are going to be starting an import at OLB, do you?? :wink: That's unpossible. :stuck_out_tongue:

To your question, Ron, no it doesn't make up for the Moreno trade unless Floyd is going to play the middle and/or get 100 tackles this year. He had 56 this year and I realize that some of the credit for that low number goes to their D line who had the most sacks in the league.

At 31, many around here would label him as slow or over the hill.

Either way this is good news if it's true. Still doesn't help us in the middle though. Siskowic still has a long way to go before he can be relied upon to be a starting MLB. He's learning.

I would have called Zeke to come home once I found out
Tom Canada had made an emergency visit to the hospital

with a ruptured spleen before the trade was consummated.

Obie can only be blamed for not sensing that was going to happen
if there is a quicky course available to develop psychic powers

which he could have taken in G.M. school but he turned down. :smiley:

As was reported in the news at that time, that is what happened
and he ended up on Winnipeg's nine-game injury list done for the season.

Obie chose to make the best he could of a bad situation.

The Ticats were going nowhere last year anyway, maybe Cory Mace
will end up a bonafide non-import DE in Hamilton some day soon.

not so fast...http://www.thespec.com/Sports/article/486428

'Agreed to terms'...in the previous link

'likely to become a Tiger-Cat very soon.'

and 'nothing formal has yet been signed'

in today's Spectator.

Understandable with this being Christmas Eve.

IMO, Obie is pretty sure that he will sign
or he wouldn't put this out in the press.

"We feel he might be a guy to have here.

I'm hoping he's got a little gas left in the tank.

He's been a good player in this league.

He could add some experience and leadership to our team."


While Floyd is a WILL linebacker, if he signs here
the Cats would likely try him at middle linebacker as well.

No chance the Cats will field an All Canadian O-Line.
It might mean that they are willing to look at some sort of combination of Beverage and Barker at free safety.

Why Signing Defence Players when have no DC..
Don't get me I like Otis he be great Signing for us ..
Is this not Putting the cart before the Horse?