Other than Collaros who is the best active player in the CFL at their position?

and no, Rourke doesn’t count because injured (not active), and likely done for season. thus Collaros, and no one else is even close.

right now, i think the Stamp’s RB Ka’deem Carey would be my choice.

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Not the best right now, but Kevin Brown will be a player that could be in this conversation after a few more games, I think. Sample set is small so far, but his start is impressive.

Winnipeg’s Bradbury treasures career in CFL stripes

According to at least one person on this forum made the claim this was Winnipeg’s best player. :upside_down_face: :laughing:


That is a tough question. I agree with Collaros and it's hard to argue against Carey, although there are some other choices that would be very suitable if I was building a team from scratch.

But I don't know. You'll get homer fans coming on making a case for players on their teams.

I will say that I think Stefan Flintoft(BC) is one of the best punters, but Toronto and Montreal get pretty good punting as well. And then there's Leone(OTT) from Ottawa. I'd be more than comfortable having him as my punter. He may even be the best.

It's probably safe to say Paredes(CAL) is the best kicker, although Sean Whyte(BC) plays on my main team and his stats are actually a little better, so ?? I'd be good with Whyte.

The rest require much more thought from me...

i would take Castillo, then White and Lauther. but those guys are all pretty close. hard to pick best at position there.

dudes on bombers defensive line are so good, do you pick between them? Jeffcoat or Jefferson at the line? or maybe Biggie at LB?

receivers same thing, so many good ones in league but no clear dominant.


Montreal's Zema flies under the radar at punting. He's very good at what he does, very consistent.

I agree that there are too many good receivers and d-linemen to pick a single dominant player. At least one of Jeffcoat or Jefferson from Winnipeg should be in the D-line convo. I'm biased, but I would put Eugene Lewis into the discussion at receiver, not just on stats but because he basically makes his living catching balls when he's covered and when everyone knows Harris is going to throw his way.

if i was QB and had to pick one receive to go up for my jump ball in the end zone it would Bryan Burnham. followed by Dominique Rhymes and Dalton Schoen

but are any of them the absolute best at their position? not so sure

Healthy and playing Rourke would be head and shoulders number 1.
Don't forget Stanback either....


well yes, i acknowledged that :slightly_smiling_face:

i still place Carey over Stanback by a fair margin

Ka’deem Carey has the power to run through LBs and then speed and moves to beat secondaries.

what about kick returners? :thinking:

The correct answer is Geno Lewis

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Teams with good run stop have limited him though. I think that was a big part of BC’s win last week.

Gonna throw Nick Demski out there too. Outstanding, all purpose, and IMO, the hardest running guy in the league. Doesn’t put up massive numbers in any one catagory but he rushes receives, returns, just a Swiss army knife of offensive players.


yes Demski is a good choice too

When healthy, Stanback is very hard to stop even when everyone knows he's getting the ball.


but a good run stop defence and good game planning can limit the best of them. he still ripped off some good gains.

the cats found a way to neutralize collaros last week.

True, no player is perfect, and even the best can be stopped.

Not really. Winnipeg put up more offensive yards than Hamilton. (472/424) The difference was Hamilton’s secondary, turnovers. and short field drives for Hamilton.

OK, but teams have found ways to contain Collaros this season. Winnipeg has won their fair share of games on their defensive strength, even when the offense was ineffective.