Other Team Free Agents

A few that I think the Ticats should take a look at.

SAM LB National ratio buster----
Chris Ackie.

Middle Linebacker Import- Micah Awe

National Punter - Josh Bartel
National Place Kicker - Brett Lauathier

National all purpose kicker in 2020 CFL Draft
JJ Molson UCLA

A few things…

Brett Lauther isn’t a free agent . He’s not listed among the Riders 26 pending FA’s .

Josh Bartel is strictly a punter who hasn’t kicked a field goal in his entire career . He will also be 35 yrs old in April .

JJ Molson is not an all purpose kicker . He is strictly a fg kicker and kick off man he is not a punter . For the record his stats aren’t all that impressive . He only hit on 57.1% of his attempts this past season , has only made 1 successful fg from 50+ range in his career (1 in 6 attempts ) and has an over-all record of 51 fgs / 74 misses in 112 attempts for a success rate of only 68.9% in his 4 years at UCLA .

As for your other two players who you mentioned in Ackie and Awe ? I wouldn’t be upset in the least if one or both were signed for next season . Both would be good additions to our Defence and also weaken the defences of two division opponents if they were signed in FA in February .

Zack Mederios is a free agent NAT K/P

Molson has a super strong leg but was trending in the wrong direction with his success.
A year on a CFL practice squad might be in his future.

And he had 74 career FG attempts. 51-74 career and only 8-14 this past season.

Actually Ackie is a Will linebacker, but still a ratio breaker non the less.

Something was up with Ackie last year. He was really good in '18, +80 tackles, 2 picks and a touchdown. Last year, his name was still on the Free Agent Tracker for months and I’m sure he didn’t dress for several games.

I think not coming to camp hurt, plus both Lokombo and Lalama had good games when given the shot at Will. So the Al’s might not resign him, unless he takes a paycut.

The REDBLACKS have released QB Jonathan Jennings among 10 players total let go by the club . Two former Ti-Cats in Mossis Madu and Cameron Walker were also among this group . It doesn’t look like any real surprises or shockers and none of them could be classified as key players of any importance moving forward into next season .

More here from 3DN…


Not looking at any national receivers? With Mike Jones gone (in your plan), who do you see as our fifth receiver?

Jennings would be a great 3rd QB and short yardage specialist

You really think so? “Great” ??

He had one good season in BC; but then he flopped miserably with BC in his second season, and flopped again last season in Ottawa.

Not my definition of great.

Better off keeping Watford.

Terribly expensive for a player who maybe sees a half dozen plays a game, tops?

There’s a local guy who could fill the need . Nathan Rourke of Oakville and Ohio U. . The Cats draft

#5 , 8 , 17 , 27 , 36 , 45 , 54 , 63 , and 72 in the 2020 CFL Draft .

Problem solved !

Pat Lynch (the elderly person)

I have been perusing the other 8 teams FA lists and have come-up with my top 15 Wish list . Keep in mind that this list is in most part based strictly on what happens or who we might lose in FA off of our own list .

Anyway without further adieu and in no particular order here are my top 15 from other teams that might be a good fit wearing Black ‘n’ Gold in 2020 .

Montreal…C.Ackie - lb (cdn) , P.Levels - lb (amr) , C. Evans - db (amr)
Ottawa…L.Ward - fgk (cdn) , N. Behar - wr (cdn)
Toronto…M. Awe - lb (amr) , C. Laing - dt (cdn) , Z. Medeiros -k (cdn)
Winnipeg…D.Nevis -dt (amr)
Saskatchewan…C. Judge - lb (cdn)
Calgary…J. Brescasin - wr (cdn)
B.Columbia…B. Dozier - db (amr)
Edmonton…D. Daniels - wr (amr) , T. Glass - db (amr) , M. Hunter - db (amr)

Lewis Ward was uncharacteristically off going 16-22 down the stretch.
After being 78-80 before this.

Bad stretch?
or did the Cinderella slipper fall off???

I’m thinking that the entire teams Cinderella slipper fell off last season . After Desjardins was through with his bungling of FA last year that slipper not only fell off but it shattered into a million pieces when it hit the floor .

My bad on Lauthier and Ackie is a wil and t hat is Simoni territory.
Bartel is still a very good punter despite his age . The ex Aussie Rules player is in good shape.

Qb Rourke out of Ohio might get drafted in the NFL draft or get a camp invite. We are very strong at QB and Moore looks like a good 3rd QB.
JJ Molson is a highly ranked kicker and rated as high as 6th best place kicker in the US college which could mean he gets drafted in the NFL or tries to get a camp invite.

There are 3 other highly rated kickers in this draft. The Calgary and. Western kicker Marc Legghio have had greats stats and some NFL interest and Div2 All American kicker Dante Brown would all be geat picks with our 17th pick.

I think UBC standout recieever Trivel Pinto would be a great pick at 5th or 8th. Notre Dame’s top receiver Chase Claypool will get drafted in the mid rounds of NFL draft as will DT Galimore out of Oklahoma.

There are at least 4 other good looking receivers in this draft. Bisette out of Viginia via Richmond looks like a good one and then there is a big bodied receiver out of Nevada O’leary Orange looks good as does Turlowinsky out of Waterloo and John Rosen out of Simon Frase

Micah Awe would be a major upgrade at mlb over Tuggle or we good go with Chris Frey as a cheaper option as he look great last year and was just about to get a shot at starting mlb before getting injured. He had a standout career at Michigan State just check youtube but is undersized for the NFL

Bobo…Hi highly doubt we can pry Brescain fromm Calgary and he would come at a heft price. Cam judge plays wil and might stick in the NFL.
National DT Laing would cost a fortune and we already have an expensive DT in Laurent. I ams stlll hoping for Wynn but David Dean could be a cheap option at DT.
Can’t see Jennings coming to Hamilton as we have Masoli and Evans.

We need to sign Davis as our #1 priority as he is not replaceable and Wynn is similar at DT.
Frankie Williams can play strong side corner or half very well and he is an excellent kick returner.

I can’t see Lirum or Addison sticking in the NFL but they are now both free agents and would not be back before labor day.

We could use a good olineman that can play center and a decent DT to backup Laurent.

Well what can I tell you but I strongly disagree with you on this . I highly doubt that Brescacin will be back in a Stampeder uniform and you will see him playing elsewhere in different colours next season .

Reasons being as followed :

  • Brescasin only played in 4 games last year before a season ending injury shelved him for the season.

  • The Stamps have an entire stable of young Canadian receivers that all got playing time and produced when given the opportunity after Brescacin’s season ending injury . All 4 are still on their initial first year contract signing and would certainly be a lot cheaper option to Calgary then attempting to re-sign him thus driving Brescacin’s price down and making him expendable by the Stamps .

  • While Brescacin isn’t old at only 27 the other 4 Cdn receivers on Calgary’s roster are all younger than him and are all also under contract for the 2020 season .

  • These are the 4 players that I’m talking about along with their stats from last year .

  • Brescacin is also from these parts as he was born and bred in nearby Mississauga and might not mind playing closer to home back here in the East .

Fixed ;D

DisplacedCatsFan (Old enough to remember the kicking boots that got tied up around the ankle)

Has Lirim signed with anyone?