Other Stadium Experiences

I am curious if people who read this board have experiences in other CFL stadiums? MY dream/goal is to see the Ticats play at every city or at least see a CFL game in every city. So far I have only made road trips to Ottawa and Toronto, besides Hamilton.
I am curious what are people's favorite ( non Hamilton) CFL stadium experiences and why? For me , I used to use Airmile Points and get 50 yard line seats and go every year to Skydome/Rogers Centre and stay at the attached hotel for the night. The sightlines were crap ( even for 50 yard line) but the whole night was always really fun. I've also enjoyed my time in Ottawa , but I enjoyed the sports bars around the stadium more then the stadium experience itself.

I have only been to the Sky Dump myself, but I remember that the All Wets cheerleaders accompanied their team to Ivor Wynne one year. All I can say is they sure brightened up my overall experience :slightly_smiling_face:, so I've often thought of taking in a game at Percival Molson Stadium.

Back in the Seventies my mom used to fly Nordair from Mount Hope to go to games at both Montreal and Landsdowne Park, so I may try and emulate her before I shuffle off this mortal coil. :wink:


We normally take in games in Ottawa, Hamilton and Toronto when we are back in Canada during the summer.
Ottawa by far the best experience, great atmosphere and love the bars and restaurants at Lansdowne Park, we usually stay at the St Paul university and easy walk to the stadium.
At BMO we either take the train from my daughters place to downtown and go to a restaurant near the waterfront and then walk to BMO or we will drive to the stadium and park there and do LIberty Village then to the Shipyard.
Hamilton? not much choice, find a place to park, atmosphere definately not what it used to be. But great stadium comfortable seats, you can stand around and watch the game from the walkways.
Montreal stadium nice area, but uncomfortable bench seating and you need to go to restaurants first before going to the stadium, it seemed to be a long way from the metro

Been to Landsdowne, BMO, McMahon and B.C. Place. The smaller stadiums all similar to Ivor Wynne as far as sightlines and comfort level of seats viewing the games. In Ottawa and BMO they have covered roofs which is great. But the concourses are extremely crowded and tighter than I think THF. BMO has pretty decent concessions and better choices of food. BC Place was very similar to Rogers Centre in Toronto but I think the seats are laid out better and closer to the field. McMahon in Calgary is very old - lots of bleacher seating, tight concourses, huge lineups for bathrooms etc. It needs serious renovations- would say that Ivor Wynne was probably nicer.

A lot of these experiences were at Grey Cups so the crowding and lineups would be exaggerated with maybe an extra 10k fans at the game. No home teams were in the games so hard to say what the atmosphere could truly be like for say a home playoff game - if they could ever pack BMO it would be a really fun place to watch a game.

Would love to make it to the other stadiums one of these days. And Grey Cup in Montreal would be a blast if they ever repair the roof at Big O.

Commonwealth stadium is ok a little dated. It's cavernous by CFL standards. The new seats are a big improvement, sightlines are good. The concourse is not up to modern standards. There is not a lot in the immediate area, however it is a short trip on the LRT to the downtown area that was revitalized with the new arena. Transit is free with a game ticket 2 hours before and after the game. All in all it's not bad.

This is the first place I would go to a game if I could pick a place to go in July or August. I was fascinated by this stadium in the early 80's as a kid watching on TV, especially when they use to draw 60,000 people. My plan would be to stay at the West Edmonton Mall and Uber to the stadium.

West Edmonton Mall is not what it used to be. Many of the attractions have been removed and the hotel is not what it used to be. Best choice would be to stay downtown in the arena district. It's central to everything and an easy trip to the stadium on the LRT. You can always take a day trip to the mall.

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I found these "Game Day" clips on YouTube through the CFL's channel. They are great, but warning they will make you miss the game even more.
Football in the 6ix | #CFLGAMEDAY - YouTube (Toronto)
#CFLGAMEDAY | Kickin It in Ottawa with Team Jackson - YouTube (Ottawa)
Callie Bundy's #CFLGAMEDAY Experience in BC - YouTube ( Vancouver)
#CFLGAMEDAY | Edmonton - YouTube (Edmonton)
#CFLGAMEDAY WINNIPEG! - YouTube (Winnipeg)
Flipping for #CFLGAMEDAY | Calgary Stampeders Experience - YouTube (Calgary)
#CFLGAMEDAY - Deestroying Hits Riders Game - YouTube (Saskatchewan)
#CFLGAMEDAY - Montreal - YouTube (Montreal)
#CFLGAMEDAY - Xpogo jumps into Hamilton - YouTube (Hamilton)

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Skydome , CNE Stadium, and the Autostad are on my list . My bucket list would include the western stadia and Ottawa . The best sight lines so far are at Tim Horton Field, for me .

Pat Lynch (Heinz Field would be nice to see but I'm afraid the size of the field would be disappointing )


The only CFL stadium I have been to is Tim Horton Field. I thought the sight lines were great. I was impressed by how wide the seats were and the overall gameday experience. It was very comparable to the few other other football stadiums I have been to (Arrowhead, Edward Jones Dome, Faurot Field, and the Liberty Bowl), with only Arrowhead being better.

Those were great .

One thing I watch is the spectator experience at the stadium .

The fan perspective is cool .

There are many fans who post on Youtube from their view from their seat gameday from all CFL stadiums .

They are of different quality but they really give the viewer the actual view from their vantage point with atmosphere included .

For instance

Or our own Patrick who shared this awhile ago .

Iโ€™ve been really fortunate to see CFL football in many different stadiums over the years:

  • Halifax (Cats Argos ex gm in early-mid 2000s)
  • Montreal Olympic Stadium
  • Montreal Molson Stadium
  • Ottawa Landsdowne
  • Ottawa TD Place
  • Toronto Exhibition Stadium
  • Toronto Skydome
  • Toronto BMO
  • Hamilton Ivor Wynne
  • Hamilton Guelph
  • Hamilton McMaster
  • Hamilton Tim Hortons Field
  • Winnipeg IGF
  • Regina Taylor Field
  • Regina Mosaic
  • Edmonton Commonwealth
  • Calgary McMahon
  • BC Place
  • San Antonio Alamodome
  • Las Vegas Sam Boyd

20 in total which I guess just makes me old...

Begrudgingly I have to admit that my hometown loyalty aside undoubtedly the best experience is New Mosaic with IGF being a clear number 2.

Lots of great things to say about all the experiences, but those two are special.


You didn't see a game at Winnipeg Stadium?

Myself, although I saw that stadium and also saw McMahon and BC Place (was outside all three on non-game days) the only stadiums I have been in for games are:

The Civic Stadium (Hamilton)
CNE Stadium
Exhibition Stadium
Ivor Wynne Stadium
Tim Hortons Field

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You know Mikefrmthhammer , I forgot about being at the old Civic Stadium . I played and coached there and watched my beloved Cats there . To paraphrase Dan Quayle , my mind is a terrible thing (sometimes) . :smile:
The playing surface was sparse grass . The goalposts were wooden . The seating was wooden bench . The dressing rooms were cave-like .
Tim Hortons Field is palatial in contrast .

Pat Lynch (thanks Mike for reviving some of my brain cells)


A mall? they are dying all over the world. Not just because of covid but the competition from the on-line retailers and box stores like Walmart. I wonder how many stores have closed permanently at the West Edmonton Mall?

Unfortunately I never got to see a game in the old stadium in Winnipeg. I got to drive by it once, but thatโ€™s as close as I came. The other โ€˜one that got awayโ€™ so to speak was Baltimore. Twice I made plans to go see a game there and both times they fell through.

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Impressive list. Mine is similar: remove Halifax, Mosaic and the two US stadiums; add Wpg Stadium, Empire Field, London TD Waterhouse (ex game) and Varsity Stadium (ex game).

So you weren't at the '57 Grey Cup then? :slightly_smiling_face: :trophy: :v:

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The new Lansdowne park in Ottawa, TD Place, is a fantastic locale for football,